Sureeporn, AKA Suree is an Australian citizen of Thai descent from Nong Khai who LOVES Thai and Isan cuisine and dining at her Thai friends' homes in Perth and at good Thai restaurants in Perth. She takes photos of Thai cuisine every time she eats good food at Thai restaurants in Perth.

After dining at Perth Thai restaurants her next favourite restaurants in Perth are Vietnamese restaurants, Indian restaurants and Chinese restaurants in Perth.


Her father Chomsin died at Nong Khai hospital in 2018 so her father's rubber plantation and home for sale 18 km up the Mekong River from Vientaine are at bargain prices.

You can see the location of Suree's properties for sale in Nong Khai by zooming into the Google map at

Suree is a devout Buddhist and works at Royal Perth Hospital. Her daughter Nutnisha was born at Tha Bo Crown Prince Hospital and her son Apinan at Sakon Nakhon where her mother lives and where she plans to build after the sale of her Nong Khai properties. Suree and her children are Thai citizens. Her husband Ben is a Perth businessman who was born in Holland and who served as Australian Volunteer on the island of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands where he lived for 10 years. He is a digital marketer who's "organic" SERP fist for many competitive phrases such as "hotel marketing thailand" and "hotel marketing asia". Ben has given many 5 star reviews with photos after dining at Thai restaurants in Perth.


Being fluent in Thai, Isan and English, Suree can act as a Thai business agent in Perth representing Thai company business interests in Western Australia.