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You have found the new and hopefully permanent home of The Guild for Dragon Storm. The Guild is responsible for the continuation of a great game that is still loved by many. We are constantly creating new cards for the 2.0 version, but still support the Classic game in any way we can. Please come back and see us often. If you have suggestions, please let us know. You can always reach us at, which is our new email address. We are moving all of our endeavors to Google accounts (and keeping our fingers crossed, except when we're typing). :-)

We're at AcadeCon in Dayton, OH, this weekend (Nov. 9-11, 2018). If you're in the area, stop by and see us!

The newest sets are in! We've added Set 327 - Lost Blood Evolution, Set 336 - Channel 2, Set 337 - Reaver 1, Set 418 - Item Transport 1, Set 421 - Item Transport 2, and Set 422 - Useful Items 3. Get them while they last!!