Where is the event hosted?

The event will be hosted at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, in NYC. 721 Broadway, New York, NY 10003.

How can I prep for textAV?

Some of you have been asking how can you can prep for textAV. So here is a bit of an update. Some things to do and some to think about.


One on one chats

If you haven't had a one on one chat with Pietro to get the gist of the event make sure to reply to his email and arrange that sooner rather then later.

Bio and pic

If you have not sent bio and pic for the confirmed participants section of the event website make sure to send that to Pietro.

Projects and problem domains descriptions

If in the one on one chat we discussed a project, problem domain topic and assigned a card in the trello board, It would be awesome if you could fill in the details by the end of June. ( either end of this week or next). So that participants can start to read through the trello board beginning of June. (see also video components trello board)


If you haven't joined the hyperaudio slack please do so. Get in touch if you need help with it.


If you have not introduced yourself in the #introductions channel please do so, there's a bunch of friendly and interesting folks who already have.

Leading up to the event


If you have other ideas for things you'd like to show, present or discuss at the event get in touch.

Code of conduct

If you haven't read the code of conduct on the website please do so and reach out if you have any questions.


If you have any questions do let us know

Up Next

Leading up after 1st of July you'll get another reminder from me to check out the projects in the trello board, once they have been updated. To ask any questions you might have and add yourself to the cards you find most interesting on the trello board.

Very impressed with the line up of participants and projects so far. And very much looking forward to it.

Thanks in advance for making this an awesome event!

Is there anything I can read to prep for textAV?

Some of you have asked if there's anything you can read to prep for textAV.

Beside from the the topics trello board, and the video components one ( which are a work in progress, and descriptions will be updated by participants leading up to the event).

If you want to learn more about open source I recommend the Open News and github guides:

If you want to learn about the use of text and transcriptions in video production:

How to tell compelling stories out of video interviews, gives an overview of the analogue "paper-edit" workflow where transcriptions are used to craft stories out of video interview. Initially started as an article, and then grew into a "book". It's currently a draft. feedback welcome.

Is there informal socialising in the evenings?

We are refining timings on the schedule, and it will be out sometime in July before the event.

We'll recommend a place to meet for informal socialising on the evening of the second day.

Will try to pick a place nearby that is inclusive and friendly to those who just want to chat and not necessarily drink.

On the other days of the event you are free to self organise.