When stringing badminton rackets I use badminton only U-frame supports and load spreaders at the top and bottom of the frame. These add extra support to the frame to help maintain racket head shape. Unless instructed otherwise I will string 1 piece (=2 knots) and use the Yonex stringing method = reverse the last 2 main strings.

List of my strings currently available - with manufacturer's description:

Price includes strings and fitting.

#Yonex BG65 £22 per racket

Yonex's best selling string of all time and still has the biggest global market share. All-round performance string with special braided fibre that reduces abrasion for added durability. The BG65 string provides excellent performance and response to your racket and makes it a choice of the world's top players. If you are not sure which string to choose then try this one. Made in Japan.

Yonex rating: Soft feeling / Durability

Gauge 0.70 mm Colours: Blue / Red / Orange / White / Black / Yellow

#Yonex BG65 Titanium £22 per racket

Yonex BG 65 Ti has added durability that makes it ideal for hard hitters. BG 65 Ti can be strung at higher tensions and offers maximum feel. The compound titanium hybrid coating provides a sharp but comfortable feel on impact. Made in Japan.

Yonex rating: Hard feeling / Durability

Gauge 0.70 mm Colour: Lots of colours available.

#Yonex BG66 £22 per racket

This ultra-thin gauge string offers the ultimate in repulsion power and a clear hitting sound.

Yonex rating: Medium feeling / HIgh repulsion

Gauge 0.66 mm Colour: White

#Yonex BG66 ULTIMAX £22 per racket

Yonex BG 66 Ultimax has the perfect balance of speed, control and durability. This makes it the choice for the world's top players. It provides you with an instant improvement in repulsion as well as increased control. The perfect string for the hard hitter or competitive player. Made in Japan.

Yonex rating: Medium feeling / Repulsion power

Gauge 0.65 mm Colours: Red OR Yellow

#Yonex BG80 Power £22 per racket

Yonex BG-80 Power badminton string is a combination of the Yonex original high-intensity nylon multi-filament and high-modulus vectran. It provides a solid feeling and a powerful smash. Rated as hard feeling. High Modulus Vectran Fibre is coiled around the multifilament construction which reduces string movement and allows the string to hold tension for longer. Made in Japan.

Yonex rating: Hard feeling / Repulsion power

Gauge 0.68 mm Colour: White

#Yonex BG80 £22 per racket

The Yonex BG80 badminton string has a strong multifilament core that is covered with the high-modulus Vectran fiber. It has a thin 0.68mm gauge that ensures outstanding power for smash shots. Made in Japan. 2nd best selling badminton string in 2019.

Yonex rating: Hard feeling / Repulsion power

Gauge 0.68 mm Colour: Yellow

#Yonex Nanogy 99 (NBG99) £22 per racket

Nanogy 99 is a multifilament string and is rated as medium feeling. Yonex original rough braided fibre and a special nylon coating provide maximum bite on the shuttle for enhanced hairpin net shots and cuts. Made in Japan.

Yonex rating: Medium feeling / Control

Gauge: 0.69 mm Colour: White

#Yonex Nanogy 95 (NBG95) £22 per racket

Yonex Carbon Nano fibres achieves great resilience and a high durablity rating. Suited for players looking for speed and durability. Made in Japan. 3rd best selling badminton string in 2019.

Yonex rating: Medium feeling / Durability

Gauge: 0.69 mm Colours: Black or Yellow or White

#Prince Synthetic Gut £20 per racket

Prince Synthetic Gut is an ideal string for ultimate power and control on court, providing a consistent, comfortable, all round performance. Synthetic Gut utilizes outer wraps which provide more feel and the centre core adds strength and holds tension.

Gauge: 0.73 mm Colour: White

#Pro's Pro Tour 75 Badminton. £20 per racket

Pro's Pro Tour 75 is a high-tech badminton string, featuring an ultra-strong core, coated to increase durability. Above that is a layer of braided multifilaments and monofilaments, twisted together. The unique coating with nano elastomers result in a rough surface for incredible setback force. Tour 75 is ideally suited for players demanding the maximum in speed and durability. Has a similar feel to the Yonex BG 80 strings. Made in Germany.

Gauge: 0.70 mm Colours: Black, Orange, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Natural

#Zarsia BS-2055 Badminton. £20 per racket

Specially designed and produced with a high strength multi-filament main core and braided with a dual color co-polymer multi filament coating. Provides a hard hitting sound and repulsive power combined with excellent control. These strings are very popular in the Asian market and are starting to make inroads into the European badminton market. Well worth a try if you are looking for a new string to play with.

Gauge: 0.70 mm, Colours: various multi-coloured strings

#Gosen Kingfisher BX-80 Badminton. £18 per racket

A multifilament string with excellent control, durability and playability. Made in Japan.

Gauge: 0.80 mm, Colour: White with green spiral

#Eclipse BX-6000 Badminton. £18 per racket

A multifilament string designed for durability. Ideal for frequent string breakers.

Gauge: 0.80 mm, Colour: Yellow

A study of market share for global badminton string sales. Source: Yonex BG65 remains by far the most popular badminton string!