Ted Crane

Danby Town Board 2021

I am running for a seat on the Danby Town Board. I am asking for your vote in the upcoming Democratic Primary on June 22.

I will do my best to represent all of Danby's residents. Not just those who elect me, but everyone including voters, other residents, property owners and renters, Democrats and Republicans.

It's very important to be able to communicate effectively and, even more, to be willing talk with people. To learn and understand people's concerns, you have to reach out to them and be available for them to reach out to you.

I'm not a good politician: I've never learned the art of making words without actually answering a question. I'm not afraid to say, "I don't know," and then to go out, carefully research a meaningful answer, and then respond.

I'm very careful with money. I know, all too well, the downside of, "A thousand here and a thousand there and soon you're talking real money." I'd extend that care to the taxpayer dollars that Danby spends.

It's a heckuva job with a heckuva job application and interview process!