Retro Arcade Clock

Unique and cool interactive Retro Arcade Clock is a great gift for nostalgic Arcade Gaming addicts!

Handcrafted with a beautiful enclosure ~ currently two different themes available ~ Pac-Man or Donkey Kong.

Interact with the arcade characters through the touch screen, record a sound of your choice for the alarm function along with automated ambient backlight dimming. Time set and Alarm set can be done through the front panel touch screen.

As the creator of the award-winning Instructable for this unique clock, I have had a number of people wanting the completed piece to own rather than assembling one from scratch. As a result, I have produced a limited number available for sale at this time.

The added advantage of purchasing a completed clock is that the unique Software that I develop for the clock is preloaded and has the latest full functioning features not available on the Instructables site.

A PERFECT gift for that 'hard to buy for' special person or to spoil yourself!

Order a fully assembled unit from ETSY here

Build your own version by following Instructable here