An electronics geek from way back - armed with a new oscilloscope, 3D Printer & Arduino. I love the challenge of building unique things.

Checkout the list of projects below of my projects Ive published on Instructables and am currently developing

Build and customize your own ESP32 Pacman Clock with vibrant colors and your own favorite alarm audio track.

Great as an alarm clock or just a cool accessory under your desk monitor.

Powered by an ESP32 with a touch screen it has very few components and synchronizes time over wifi. Users can also interact with the battle between the characters via the touch screen along with Ms Pacman and variable animation speed.

A great gift to build or give to your DIY electronics or Retro Gaming friends!

Diagnose the type and integrity of USB and RJ45 cables with this Touchscreen Cable Tracer. Identify the exact wiring configuration, diagnose broken wiring, and plug pin connections.

  • Test over 10 cables types using RJ45, USB B/B3, USB A/A3, USB C, USB Mini, USB Micro/Micro3

  • Touch screen menu Auto Detect Mode and Manual Mode for a deeper diagnosis

  • Displays Loop-back of pins on any of the input and output ports in use

Based on a previous TechKiwiGadgets project this Touch Screen Cable Tracer is 70% smaller, uses an Arduino Shield that eliminates over 20 hours of meticulous soldering, and uses snap-together parts with minimal soldering.

Calling all you Sudoku addicts...

Play, Create and Solve Sudoku puzzles using this easy to build Arduino based project.

Simple to use with a touch screen and stylus the unit comes preloaded with Sudoku puzzles to play, a help feature to highlight incorrect values and an automated solver button.

This project includes a 3D printed case with only seven components including a USB rechargeable battery so is does not require a high degree of electronics experience to complete.

Being new to 3D printing I found leveling the print bed a challenge, particularly on printers without auto bed leveling. This 3D Printer Bed Leveling Tool uses a Pulse Induction Metal Detection Sensor and a LED Bar Graph to show the relative distance from the Print Head to the hotbed. This is an independent add-on that does not require any code changes to printer firmware or wiring. It is easy to quickly attach to check and tune bed levels then remove.

The sensitivity and stability of the device are illustrated in the video by applying downward or upward finger pressure on the hotbed to see the effect on the LED bar graph. The calibration button on the top of the unit is used to reset the baseline height and recenter the LED indicator to the center of the bar graph.

Help save the environment by building your own USB rechargeable flashlight. No more throwing away cheap batteries every time you want to use a flashlight.

Just plug into a USB port to fully charge and you have a powerful LED torch which lasts for over 2 hours of continuous use.

Build your own Word Clock with an animated display. This is a simple project uses an Arduino Nano, Color LEDs and includes a stylish 3D Printed Case.

The Word Clock has three animated patterns

- Matrix style

- Typewriter Style

- Rainbow Color

The three buttons on the back enable animation style, color and time to be set.

A great addition to your home office or work space and a great gift for others. The Display provides an opportunity to experiment with various display options so there is potential to add your own custom animations.

Diagnose and fix annoying USB device charging problems by building your own USB Troubleshooter.

"My phone is not charging properly - is it the USB cable, charger or device?"

It is often very frustrating trying to identify the real problem with USB device charging problems. Quickly monitor the USB charging voltage and current by plugging in line with your cable and charger to identify what's going on.

Eco Friendly Metal Detector

This unique metal detector has four search coils, a color touch screen to identify and pinpoint the location of your find.

This cool little Pocket Metal Locator is sensitive enough to identify small nails and tacks in wood and compact enough to fit into awkward spaces making it convenient to carry and use for metal locating.

The unit has four independent search coils and color LED indicators making it easy to cover a larger search area quickly while being able to accurately identify the target.

This neat little device is self-calibrating with one button operation, rechargeable through a USB port and uses color LEDs, sound and vibration to indicate target strength.

Included in the instructable is all of the designs, testing, code and 3D files required to build on your own.

Sound Activated LED Gyro Sphere

Build this unique, cool interactive free-standing LED Sphere with multiple sensors that can be used to provide a fun platform for further development - interaction, lighting or games.

The unit is 3D printed and uses an Arduino Board, Gyro Board, Audio Mic sensors controlling 130 independently controlled colored LEDs. There are two buttons for adding effects and menus for this unique gadget - the possibilities for effects can be endless.

Biometric Personalised Diary

This neat little gadget has a fingerprint sensor so you can secure your cool stuff in a personalised portable case. I use to hold a diary and pen and designs for my new projects. Features a 3d printed case and uses an Arduino nano. Great gift idea.

Build a tiny personalised Word Clock with animated time transitions.

The clock shows the recipients name and has personalised messages that appear at different times ie. Happy Birthday, Good Morning or whatever you choose.

Every minute, the clock redraws the time and produces an interesting animated transition effect.

A great personalised gift for someone who likes something unique.

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