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About Us

Team Saturday Junior (grades 2-5) at The Hill School is an enrichment program for area students during the school year. Each session includes three core activities – art, cooking, and sports – with some  special activities throughout the year.

Team Saturday provides a fun, safe, and predictable environment where the students can experience wonderful activities and learn new skills while building meaningful relationships with their peers, teachers, and Hill School eighth-grade mentors.

Students wishing to continue with the program after grade 5 attend Team Saturday Senior  (grades 6-12) and can focus on either art or sports throughout the year and enjoy special outings.

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For more information or to arrange a visit, please call or email the program director  at (703) 508-0816 or email mnicklin@thehillschool.org


8th Graders




Horseback Riding Group No. 1 at Julie Coles’ Farm

Horseback Riding Group No. 2 at Julie Coles’ Farm

Mission Statement

Team Saturday offers a psychologically and physically safe environment in which children have opportunities for new experiences, learning new skills, and having time for individual attention from dedicated teachers and enthusiastic eighth grade assistants in small group settings.

Goals for children in the program

Goals for the eighth grade student assistants

To provide an opportunity for the Eighth Graders at The Hill School to learn the responsibility and ethic of service, to expand their awareness, understanding and appreciation of other’s needs, and to learn the challenge and satisfaction of attending to them.

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