Principal Investigators:

Dr. Lisa Dieker (College of Community Innovation and Education)

Dr. Charles E. Hughes (College of Engineering & Computer Science and School of Modeling, Simulation & Training)

Dr. Michael Hynes (College of Community Innovation and Education)

Meet the team

Lisa Dieker

Charlie Hughes

Mike Hynes

Kathleen Ingraham

Eric Imperiale

Donna Martin

TeachLivE Interactors:

Heather Charles

Nadia Garzon

Emmi Green

Chris Lindsay

Lynne Ryder


Dr. Roghayeh (Leila) Barmaki

Dr. Kathy Becht

Dr. Taylor Bousfield

Dr. Caitlyn Bukaty

Julie Dansby Scarborough

Dr. Faith Ezekiel-Wilder

Dr. Angelica Fulchini-Scruggs

Dr. Ben Gallegos

Derrick Greenspan

Dr. Stacey Hardin

Dr. Aleshia Hayes

Anne Hering

Michael Hopper

Dr. Darin Hughes

Adam Kavanaugh

Brian Kelly

Dr. Aaron Koch

Dr. Angel Lopez

Kimberly Luffman

Dr. Arjun Nagendran

Michelle Nicholson

Dr. Behnaz Nojavanasghari

Remo Pillat

Maria Ragen

Dr. Jacqueline Rodriguez

Dave Russell

Morgan Russell

Mark Sherlock

Dr. Samantha Stone

Dr. Carrie Straub

Monica Tamborello

Dr. Matthew Taylor

Greg Wiatroski

Dr. Celestial Wills-Jackson