The Dark Elf 007

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For games on Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday

Games will be running unless otherwise communicated. Email is the preferred way to let people know. SMS can be done if I have your number. I also post on facebook

This site no longer contains the games I am running and when they are on next. for that please go to the blog in the header

  • Rule #1 - No evil characters (or players) in the games.

  • Rule #2 – Be respectful, to the other players and the Games Master. Disrespectful players will be asked to leave.

  • Rule #3 – Provide Stat blocks – Those who provide stat blocks gain access to extra rules from my website and books released, those that do not can only access the Core rules books. Pathfinder 2 (Core Rule), D&D (Players Handbook (no half-races), Monster Manual and Dungeon Masters Guide (no eladrin).

  • Rule #4 - All Games will be recorded and put into my YouTube Channel. You can witness what you missed, and revisit what you attended. There will be no editing, so what you say will go online.

You need to let me know each April if you wish to remain on my group mailing list from May as it is opt in only and can be requested from and if I don't have an email from you asking to be added, you don't get added. This covered international mailing list rules.

Players should arrive at 6.30 pm if they can as I want to start at 7 pm. Games should be finished around 10:30 pm. If you know you can't make a game, please let me know in advance. (April 2018 update)

  • Players should arrive at 6.30 pm if they can as I want to start at 7 pm. Games should be finished around 10:30 pm. If you know you can't make a game, please let me know in advance – this helps me plan for the game and account for your character's absence, it also means that if I know a player who'd like to occasionally sit in, I can arrange that, which in turn means I can ensure there are enough players if a couple of players are going to absent.

  • Please check out the rules on gaining and using the GM's Luck Points for my games.

Looking for updated backgrounds on all characters. Give me dot points about what aspects of your character backgrounds you would like to see in play. Even previous characters in play can have story elements brought back. In dot point form from the list of characters below. No dot points means means you are happy for me to make up anything relating to the characters below. Feel free to touch up character backgrounds as well based on in game play. This is an ongoing thing.

Backgrounds will be made available from here for the relevant game. Check for your character and update the details with me to update. Only backgrounds on here will be considered official. Though you can update anytime between games.

If you want any special consideration about your character in my game (i.e. not being flirted with by NPC's for example), those requests can be handled so situations like that will never occur on the game again. But a restriction on the character will be placed for each request with a magnitude based on the request determined by me regarding how it effects the storyline. Unless you state what your not comfortable with, I cannot avoid it in relation to your character, I really can't read minds, unlike some of the rumours you might have heard.

Character backgrounds not received by the GM are not really character backgrounds and can't be working into the ongoing storylines :P

Now these are guidelines on how best to join gaining groups, not everyone follows them, but I try and make a point of using this type of list as a good rule of thumb or etiquette to make the gaming experience fun for everyone.

Bonus on the night re-rolls are available for the following: (player to request)

  • Providing the GM (in writing via email and present on this site for the relevant game) all 6 background questions from "6 questions to create awesome characters" below (as discussed with me) completed and discussed in game session. (Usable once per character)

  • Defining you role in the party from "Types of Characters" below (Usable for following session) and how you fulfilled only this role in the game session (and not the others).

A good rule of thumb for most groups you join:

  • Tell them if something makes you uncomfortable (we are not mind readers)

  • Respect other peoples choices (argue in character, not with the player)

  • Ask before touching other players stuff (everyone brings snacks, and some players are possessive of their dice)

  • If you have a rule disagreement, don't hold play up with it (I discuss rule issues between games, trying to hold mostly to rules as intended)

  • If you have read the adventure (or played it) don't talk about what it contains (known to upset GM's very quickly)

  • If I am running a set adventure (only way to run as many games as I do) holding up the game to complain about the way the module is written is not fun

  • Try not to talk over the GM or other players, but making sure you still get to speak (sometimes its hard to take your turn, and others forget this rule)

  • Try not to talk about other games / characters / personal stuff during play (as it does distract from play)

Helpful Video's for players

Video's not by me, and available from YouTube by Great Role Player. An amusing lot of video's and worth the time to see if there is something that can help you improve as a player. I know I can always learn more.