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Game Management:

Choosing a New Campaign (2019-06-11)GM's Luck Roll (2020-01-07)Running Games over Skype (2020-04-21)Tracking Experience (2019-12-27)

Virtual Tabletop Software:

d20Pro - Installation (2020-07-01)d20Pro - Building Maps (tba)

Realm Works:

Players and their Characters (2016-01-14)D&D Campaign (2019-12-13)Support Issues (tba)

Age of Steam:

Board Games (2016-01-24)Book Games (tba)Card Games (2015-02-14)RPG Games (tba)Video Games (2014-11-16)

Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Game

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D&D Main Page

  • D&D Design - Design decisions for the campaign.
  • D&D Adventures - The adventures so far touched on by my gaming group.
  • D&D Campaign - The other setting information needed for the players.
  • D&D Classes - The Classes available in my campaign setting and where to find them.
  • D&D Downtime - How I have altered downtime to work for the setting and my groups.
  • D&D Gazetteer - The setting and nations of the game play region.
  • D&D Gods - The Gods of the setting.
    • D&D Artefacts - The Artefacts of the setting and who they appears to belong to.
    • D&D Pantheons - The various pantheons a character can follow in the setting.
  • D&D Magical Items - The unique way items are represented in the setting.
  • D&D Races - The unique way races are represented in the setting.
  • D&D Secret Crafts - The revealed crafts in the campaign so far.
  • D&D Spells - Spell changes for the setting
  • D&D Timeline - When each adventure is set and where.
  • D&D Weapons Mastery - The rules on improving your skills with a weapon.

Game Management:

Annotated Stat Block (2019-02-05)Character Creation (2020-06-29)Choosing a New Campaign (2019-06-11)GM's Luck Roll (2020-01-07)Running Games over Skype (2020-04-21)Tracking Experience (2019-01-07)

Class Builds:

Dragon - White (2020-06-17)Druid - Circle of Dreams (2019-10-29)


NPCs (2020-07-02)Abberations (2020-07-03)Beasts (2020-07-04)Celestials (2020-07-05)Constructs (2020-07-06)Dragons (2020-07-07)Elementals (2020-07-08)Fey (2020-07-09)Fiends (2020-07-10)Giants (2020-07-11)Humanoids (2020-07-12)Monstrocity (2020-07-13)Oozes (2020-07-14)Plants (2020-07-15)Undead (2020-07-16)

Designing the Setting:

Part 01 - The Five Elements (2019-11-05)Part 02 - The Five Spheres of Power (2019-11-12)Part 03 - The Pantheons Overview (2019-12-03)Part 04 - The Divine Features (2020-01-21)Part 05 - The Reference Material (2019-11-19)Part 06 - Races Overview (2019-12-23)Part 07 - Secret Crafts Overview (2019-12-22)Part 08 - Weapons Master Overview (2019-06-25)Part 09 - Setting Overview (2018-05-22)Part 10 - Timeline Overview (2019-11-26)Part 11 - Magical Item Overview (2019-12-27)Part 12 - The Classes Overview (2020-04-02)

Kingdom Building:

Part 1 - Mapping (2020-03-17)
Calendar (2020-04-28)- Darokin (2020-09-18)- Ethengar (2020-09-21)- Five Shires (2020-09-20)- Glantri (2020-09-17)- Karameikos (2020-09-22)- Minrothad (2020-09-19)- Rockhome (2020-09-23)Personalities (2020-04-29)

D&D Ranks and Titles

Slave (2020-09-07)Convict (2020-08-29)Serf (2020-09-08)Freeman (2020-08-30)Court Lord (2020-08-31)Landed Lord (2020-09-02)Knight (2020-09-03)Landed Knight (2020-09-04)Baron (2020-09-05)Duke (2020-09-06)Count (2020-09-09)King (2020-09-10)


Bountiful Luck (2020-09-21)Circle Spellcaster (2020-06-05)Dwarven Fortitude (2020-08-06)Ring-Bound (2020-08-08)Second Chance (2020-09-22)Sqaut Nimbleness (2020-08-07)Survivor (2020-09-14)Weapons Mastery (2020-08-03)


Barony of Kelvin (2020-09-04)Estate of Marilenev (2020-09-03)Kingdom of Highforge (2020-09-05)


Thyatian (2020-09-04)


Ritual (2020-07-17)Abjuration (2020-07-18)Conjuration (2020-07-19)Divination (2020-07-20)Enchantment (2020-07-21)Evocation (2020-07-22)Illusion (2020-07-23)Necromancy (2020-07-24)Transmutation (2020-07-25)


Booming Blade (2020-08-27)Breeze (2020-08-01)Fist of Air (2020-07-28)Green-Flame Blade (2020-08-28)Gust (2020-07-31)Headwind (2020-07-25)Lightning Lure (2020-08-29)Spectral Scythe (2020-07-24)Sword Burst (2020-08-30)Thunder Bolt (2020-08-31)Thunderclap (2020-07-29)Wind Lash (2020-07-30)

Level 1 Spells:

Absorb Elements (2020-07-26)Affect Normal Fog (2020-07-27)Circle of Wind (2020-08-02)Protection form Evil and Good (2020-08-03)Wind Tunnel (2020-08-04)With the Wind (2020-08-05)

Level 2 Spells:

Air Forge (2020-08-06)Charged Missile (2020-08-07)Dust Devil (2020-08-08)Elemental Horns (2020-08-09)Pass through Element (2020-08-10)Reverberate (2020-08-11)Rolling Thunder (2020-08-12)Skywrite (2020-08-13)Warding Wind (2020-08-14)Wind Armour (2020-08-15)

Level 3 Spells:

Air Breathing (2020-08-16)Air Bridge (2020-08-17)Awaken Element (2020-08-18)Charged Touch (2020-08-19)Dispel Magic (2020-08-20)Electromagnetic Storm (2020-08-21)Elemental Shape (2020-08-22)Fly (2020-08-23)Greater Thunderclap (2020-08-25)Perun's Doom (2020-08-24)Protection from Energy (2020-09-12)Wall of Water (2020-08-26)

Level 4 Spells:

Air Sphere (2020-09-02)Conjure Minor Elementals (2020-09-03)Elemental Bane (2020-09-04)Erode (2020-09-05)Siphon Elemental Lifeforce (2020-09-06)Storm Sphere (2020-09-07)

Level 5 Spells:

Conjure Elemental (2020-09-09)Control Winds (2020-09-10)Inner Storm (2020-09-11)Magic Circle against Energy (2020-09-13)Wind Bindings (2020-09-14)

Level 6 Spells:

Elemental Fabrication (2020-09-15)Elemental Scimitar (2020-09-16)Investiture of Element (2020-09-17)Lightning Storm (2020-09-18)Lightning Wheel (2020-09-18)Primordial Ward (2020-09-20)Suffocate (2020-09-21)

Level 7 Spells:

Ebon Lightning (2020-09-22)Electrical Storm (2020-09-23)Vacuum Slash (2020-09-28)Whirlwind (2020-09-24)

Level 8 Spells:

Control Weather (2020-09-28)Elemental Infusion (2020-09-28)

Level 9 Spells:

Circle of Devastation (2020-09-28)

Phase One - Introduction

The Atruaghin Clans (2020-08-05)

Phase One - AC 1000

Mystery in the Melpheggy Swamps (2020-08-04)Mystery of the Necromancers Cave (2020-08-23)

Phase One - AC 1001

Mystery Under Red Larch (2020-08-24)

Phase One - AC 1002

Mystery at Feathergale Spire (2020-08-28)Mystery of Bargewright Inn (2020-08-25)Mystery of the Missing Delegation (2020-08-26)

Phase One - AC 1004

Mystery at Sacred Stone Monastery (2020-08-30)Mystery in the Silver Sierras (2018-11-06)Mystery of the Long Road (2020-09-02)

Phase Three - AC 1011

War of the Dragon Queen - Part 2 (2020-09-23)War of the Elemental Evils - Part 2 (2020-09-13)

Phase Three - AC 1012

War of the Dragon Queen - Part 3 (2020-09-24)War of the Elemental Evils - Part 3 (2020-09-14)

Phase Three - AC 1013

War of the Elemental Evils - Part 4 (2020-09-15)

Phase Three - AC 1014

War of the Elemental Evils - Part 5 (2020-09-17)


Followers of the:- Ash (2020-09-21)- Black Earth (2020-09-09)- Celestials (2020-09-27)- Choking Ash (2020-09-27)- Confronting Radiant (2020-09-17)- Crushing Wave (2020-09-10)- Dark (2020-09-06)- Dust Storm (2020-09-22)- Eclipsing Dust (2020-09-27)- Eternal Flame (2020-09-07)- Exfoliating Steam (2020-09-27)- Flame (2020-09-02)- Fog (2020-09-15)- Grasping Sand (2020-09-23)- Growth (2020-09-05)- Howling Hatred (2020-09-08)- Illuminating Lava (2020-09-27)- Lava (2020-09-24)- Magma (2020-09-11)- Mud (2020-09-12)- Radiant (2020-09-13)- Sand (2020-09-16)- Searing Magma (2020-09-18)- Silent Fog (2020-09-27)- Spheres (2020-09-27)- Steam (2020-09-27)- Sticking Mud (2020-0919)- Storm (2020-09-14)- Thunderous Storm (2020-09-20)- Wave (2020-09-04)- Wind (2020-09-03)The Emerald Enclave (2020-08-29)The Harpers (2020-08-27)The Lords Alliance (2020-08-30)The Order of the Gauntlet (2020-08-28)The Zhentarim (2020-08-31)

Classes Overview

Bard (2020-04-16)Druid (2020-08-09)Fighter (2020-08-02)Ranger (2020-08-11)Rogue (2020-08-12)
Barbarian (2020-04-09)- Ancestors (2020-08-03)- Ancestral Guardian (2020-08-04)- Battlerager (2020-08-05)- Berserker (2020-07-28)- Harrier (2020-08-06)- Juggernaut (2020-08-07)- Storm Herald (2020-08-08)- Totem Warrior (2020-07-26)- Zealot (2020-09-26)
Cleric (2020-08-14)- Air (2020-09-11)- Apocalypse (2020-09-26)- Arcana (2020-09-24)- Balance (2020-09-23)- Beauty (2020-09-22)- Beer (2020-09-21)- Blood (2020-09-20)- Cats (2020-09-19)- Clockwork (2020-09-18)- Corruption (2020-09-17)- Creation (2020-09-16)- Darkness (2020-09-15)- Death (2020-09-14)- Dragon (2020-09-13)- Earth (2020-09-12)- Fire (2020-09-26)- Forge (2020-09-10)- Grave (2020-09-09)- Hunger (2020-09-08)- Hunt (2020-09-07)- Hunting (2020-09-06)- Justice (2020-09-05)- Knowledge (2020-09-04)- Labyrinth (2020-09-03)- Life (2020-09-02)- Light (2020-09-01)- Lust (2020-08-31)- Madness (2020-08-30)- Moon (2020-08-29)- Mountain (2020-08-28)- Nature (2020-08-27)- Oceans (2020-08-26)- Prophecy (2020-08-25)- Repose (2020-08-24)- Speed (2020-08-23)- Tempest (2020-08-22)- Time (2020-08-21)- Travel (2020-08-20)- Trickery (2020-08-19)- Tyranny (2020-08-18)- Void (2020-08-15)- War (2020-08-17)- Water (2020-08-16)
Monk (2020-08-10)- Way of the Elements (2020-09-11)
Paladin (2020-04-23)- Thunder (202009-11)
Sorcerer (2020-07-27)- Draconic Bloodline (2020-09-12)- Elemental Essence (2020-09-13)- Storm Sorcery (2020-09-11)
Warlock (2020-04-30)- The Genie Lord (2020-09-11)
Wizard (2020-08-13)- Elementalist (2020-09-12)

Timeline Overview (2019-11-26)

Histororic Events (2020-06-28)AC 1000 (2019-23-10) - Level 1AC 1001 (2019-12-17) - Level 2AC 1002 (2019-12-24) - Level 3AC 1003 (2019-12-31) - Level 4AC 1004 (2020-01-14) - Level 5AC 1005 (2020-02-18) - Level 6AC 1006 (2020-03-03) - Level 7AC 1007 (2020-08-04) - Level 8AC 1008 (2020-09-10) - Level 9AC 1009 (2020-09-11) - Level 10AC 1010 (2020-09-12) - Level 11AC 1011 (2020-09-13) - Level 12AC 1012 (2020-09-14) - Level 13AC 1013 (2020-09-15) - Level 14AC 1014 (2020-09-16) - Level 15AC 1015 (2020-09-17) - Level 16AC 1016 (2020-09-18) - Level 17AC 1017 (2020-09-19) - Level 18AC 1018 (2020-09-20) - Level 19AC 1019 (2020-09-21) - Level 20AC 1020 (2020-09-22) - Level 21+

Downtime Overview (2019-07-23)

for Buying or Selling Items (2020-01-23)for Carousing, Gambling and Pit Fighting (2020-03-05)for Crafting Items (2020-01-30)for Crime, Rumours and Rites (2020-03-12)for Druids (2020-01-13)for Gaining Levels, Recuperating and Relaxing (2020-02-27)for Jobs, Businesses and Strongholds (2020-03-19)for Research, Lang and Tool (2020-02-20)for Rivals and Arduous Rally (2020-03026)for Secret Crafts (2020-01-09)for Spellcasters (2020-01-16)for Weapons Mastery (2020-02-06)for Wizards School (2020-09-15)

D&D Settlements

Glantri City (2020-09-15)Highforge (2020-09-05)Kelvin (2020-09-04)Marilenev (2020-09-03)Specularum (2020-09-02)

Gazetteer's in the Known World of Mystara:

Setting Overview (22nd May 2018)Gaz #1 - Karameikos (2018-08-20)Gaz #2 - Ylaruam (2018-08-28)Gaz #3 - Glantri (2018-09-04)- Childhood (2020-09-17)- Living (2020-09-17)- Laws (2020-09-16)- Licences (2020-09-16)Gaz #4 - Ierendi (2018-09-11)Gaz #5 - Alfheim (2018-09-18)Gaz #6 - Rockhome (2018-09-25)Gaz #7 - Northern Reaches (2018-10-02)Gaz #8 - Five Shires (2018-10-08)Gaz #9 - Minrothad (2018-10-16)Gaz #10 - Broken Lands (2018-10-23)Gaz #11 - Darokin (2018-10-30)Gaz #12 - Ethengar (2018-11-23)Gaz #13 - Shadowlands (2018-11-20)Gaz #14 - Atruaghin Clans (2018-11-27)Gaz Box - Alphatia and Thyatis (2018-12-04)Norwold Region (2019-12-28)Thunder Rift (2020-01-02)Hollow World Region (2020-01-02)

Sphere of Energy:

Benekander (2020-05-27)Coberham (2020-09-05(Eiryndul (2020-08-14)Ilsundal (2020-04-17)Ixion (2020-04-19)Lornasen (2020-08-15)Mazikeen (2020-06-16)Mahmatti (2020-07-26)Mealiden (2020-08-13)Rafiel (2020-08-18)Tahkati (2020-07-27)The Korrigans (2020-08-17)Zirchev (2020-08-16)

Sphere of Entropy:

Atzanteotl (2020-04-05)Danel (2020-08-06)Idris (2020-08-10)Masauwu (2020-05-31)Orcus (2020-08-05)Thanatos (2020-07-24)

Sphere of Matter:

Atruaghin (2020-07-28)Branden (2020-08-11)Chiron (2020-08-19)Diamond (2020-08-09)Djaea (2020-08-22)\Faunus (2020-08-20)Garl (2020-08-12)Hattani (2020-07-29)Ka (2020-07-30)Kagyar (2020-05-28)Ninfangle (2020-08-02)Opal (2020-08-08)Pearl (2020-08-07)Terra (2020-08-21)The Great One (2020-07-31)Wogar (2020-10-03)

Sphere of Thought:

Ahmanni (2020-08-04)Asterius (2020-07-25)Cochere (2020-08-25)Cretia (2020-09-05)Korotiku (2020-05-26)Matin (2020-08-03)Odin (2020-08-23)Ralon (2020-08-27)Ruaidhri (2020-08-26)Ssu-Ma (2020-08-24)

Sphere of Time:

Calitha (2020-08-29)Carnelian (2020-08-28)KhoronusOrdana (2020-08-31)Protius (2020-05-30)Simurgh (2020-08-30)

Artefacts of Energy:

Mazikeen's Staff (2020-06-16)Rheddrian's Staff (2020-05-27)

Artefacts of Entropy:

Blackrazor (2020-05-31)

Artefacts of Matter:

Whelm (2020-05-28)

Artefacts of Thought:

Yehm's Diamond (2020-05-26)

Artefacts of Time:

Wave (2020-05-30)

Racial Pantheons

Atruaghin (2020-05-03)Dragonkin (2020-04-10)Dwarven & Gnome (2020-04-07)Elven (2020-04-06)Ethengarian (2020-04-28)Halflings (2020-05-12)Makai (2020-04-03)Traladaran (2020-03-29

Cultural Pantheons

Alphatian Empire (2020-05-08)Land Guilds (2020-04-27)Norse (2020-04-20)Ocean Guilds (2020-05-15)Outcast (2020-04-26)Shadowlands (2020-05-04)Thyatian Empire (2020-05-05)Ylari (2020-03-30)

Elemental Pantheons

Radiance (2020-03-31)

Magical Items Overview (2019-12-27)

Creating Unique Items (2020-09-24)Blessing Overview (2020-09-18)Charm Overview (2020-09-19)Epic Boons (2020-09-23)Marks of Prestige Overview (2020-09-22)


Armour Overview (2020-07-22)

Armour - Common

Armour of Gleaming (2020-05-29)Cast-Off Armour (2020-07-23)Shield of Expression (2020-07-24)Smouldering Armour (2020-07-25)

Armour - Uncommon

Mithral Armour (2020-03-13)Shield Enhancement +1 (2020-05-19)

Armour - Rare

Armour of Resistance (2020-05-04)


Potion Overview (2020-07-26)

Potion - Common

Perfume of Bewitching (2020-08-31)Potion of Climbing (2020-07-27)Potion of Healing (2020-07-28)


Ring Overview (2020-09-20)

Ring - Uncommon

Ring of Mind Shielding (2020-05-06)Ring of Water Walking (2020-01-10)

Ring - Rare

Ring of Animal Influence (2020-04-24)Ring of Protection (2020-05-08)Ring of Resistance (2020-04-10)


Rod Overview (2020-09-21)


Scroll Overview (2020-07-29)

Scrolls - Common

Spell Scroll - Cantrip (2020-07-30)Spell Scroll - Level 1 (2020-07-31)


Staff Overview (2020-08-01)

Staff - Common

Staff of Adornment (2020-08-02)Staff of Flowers (2020-08-04)Staff of Birdcalls 92020-08-03)


Wand Overview (2020-08-05)

Wand - Common

Wand of Conducting (2020-08-06)Wand of Pyrotechnics (2020-08-07)Wand of Scowls (2020-08-08)Wand of Smiles (2020-08-09)

Wand - Uncommon

Wand of Magic Missile (2020-05-17)


Weapon Overview (2020-08-10)

Weapon - Common

Moon-Touched Sword (2020-08-11)Unbreakable Arrow (2020-05-22)Walloping Ammunition (2020-08-12)Weapon of Seeking (2020-05-23)

Weapons - Uncommon

Weapon Enhancement +1 (2020-05-15)Weapon of Vengeance (2020-05-13)Weapon of Warning (2020-05-03)

Weapons - Rare

Berserker Axe (2020-05-10)Flametongue Weapon (2020-05-07)

Weapon - Very Rare

Frostbrand Weapon (2020-05-09)Weapon of Returning +2 (2020-05-16)

Wondrous Item

Wondrous Item Overview (2020-08-13)

Wondrous Item - Common

Bead of Nourishment (2020-08-13)Bead of Refreshment (2020-08-14)Boots of False Tracks (2020-08-15)Candle of the Deep (2020-09-13)Charlatan's Dice (2020-08-16)Cloak of Billowing (2020-01-31)Cloak of Many Fashions (2020-08-17)Clockwork Amulet (2020-09-14)Clothes of Mending (2020-02-07)Dark Shark Amulet (2020-08-18)Dread Helm (2020-09-16)Ear Horn of Hearing (2020-08-19)Enduring Spellbook (2020-08-20)Eratz Eye (2020-08-21)Hat of Vermin (2020-08-22)Hat of Wizardry (2020-05-24)Heward's Handy Spice Pouch (2020-08-23)Horn of Silent Alarm (2020-08-24)Instrument of Illusions (2020-08-25)Instrument of Scribing (2020-08-26)Lock of Trickery (2020-08-27)Mystery Key (2020-08-28)Orb of Direction (2020-08-29)Orb of Time (2020-08-30)Pipe of Smoke Monsters (2020-09-02)Pole of Angling (2020-09-03)Pole of Collapsing (2020-09-04)Pot of Awakening (2020-09-05)Rope of Mending (2020-09-06)Ruby of the War Mage (2020-09-07)Spellbook for Arcane Magic (2020-09-08)Spellbook for Divine Magic (2020-09-09)Spellbook for Occult Magic (2020-09-10)Spellbook for Primal Magic (2020-09-11)Talking Doll (2020-09-17)Tankard of Sobriety (2020-09-12)Veteran's Cane (2020-09-15)

Wondrous item - Uncommon

Bag of Holding (2020-05-14)Boots of Elvenkind (2020-04-03)Boots of the Winterlands (2020-03-20Broom of Flying (2020-05-20)Circlet of Blasting (2020-05-21)Cloak of Protection (2020-03-27)Driftglobe (2020-01-24)Eyes of Charming (2020-02-14)Gloves of Missile Snaring (2020-05-01)Goggles of Night (2020-01-17)Mantle of the Ignoble Beast (2020-02-28)Necklace of Adaptation (2020-05-02)Periapt of Wound Closure (2020-02-21)Robe of Useful Items (2020-05-05)Sending Stones (2020-05-25)Slippers of Spider Climbing (2020-01-03)Stone of Good Luck (2020-03-06)

Wondrous Item - Rare

Amulet of Health (2020-05-18)Bracers of Defence (2020-04-17)Eagle Whistle (2020-05-12)

Wondrous Item - Very Rare

Bracelet of Rock Magic (2020-05-11)

Races Overview (2019-12-23)

Dragonkind Overview (2020-07-27)

Dwarven Overview (2020-07-23)

Craftbound (2020-03-30) - FireHillbound (2020-04-06) - AirSeabound (2020-04-27) - WaterShadowbound (2020-04-20) - DarknessStonebound (2020-04-13) - Earth

Elven Overview (2020-07-26)

Halfling Overview (2020-07-24)

Eastshire (2020-06-09) - DarknessHeartshire (2020-09-23) - FireHighshire (2020-09-22) - EarthSeashire (2020-09-24) - WaterSouthshire (2020-09-21) - Air

Genasi Overview (2020-07-25)

Giantkind Overview (2020-07-29)

Gnome Overview (2020-07-28)

Human Overview (2020-07-22)

Alasiyan (2020-02-03) - FireAtruaghin (2020-01-13) - EarthEthengarian (2019-12-30) - EarthHattian (2020-02-17) - AirHeldannic (2020-01-06) - AirKerendan (2020-02-10) - AirMakai (2020-01-27) - WaterMakistani (2020-03-03) - EarthNuari (2020-02-24) - DarknessThothian (2020-03-09) - FireThyatian (2020-03-16) - AirTraladaran (2020-01-20) - Fire

Human (Ancient)

Nithian (2020-03-23) - Fire

Secret Crafts Overview (2019-12-22)

Airologist (2020-03-01)Bloodologist (2020-03-29)Chaosologist (2020-02-09)Cryptologist (2020-01-26)Darkologist (2020-03-15)Devourologist (2020-04-05)Dragonologist (2019-12-29)Earthologist (2020-02-02)Elementologist (2020-03-22)Elvenologist (2020-02-23)Fireologist (2020-02-16)Graveologist (2020-04-12)Mechologist (2020-03-08)Reanimatologist (2020-04-19)Shadeologist (2020-04-26)Spiritologist (2020-01-19)Waterologist (2020-01-05)Weaponologist (2020-01-12)

Simple One Handed or Versatile Weapons

Blackjack (or Sap) (2020-03-28)Cestus (2020-03-21)Club (or Torch) (2020-03-14)Dagger (2020-01-18)Hammer, Light (2020-03-07)Handaxe (2020-02-29)Javelin (2020-02-22)Lasso (2020-02-15)Mace (2020-02-08)Quarterstaff (2020-01-04)Spear (2020-01-25)Sickle (2020-02-01)Unarmed (2020-01-11)

Simple Two Handed Weapons

Greatclub (2020-04-04)

Simple Ranged Weapons

Bola (2020-04-11)Crossbow, Light (2020-04-18)Dart (2020-04-25)Shortbow (2020-06-25 )Sling (2020-06-26)

Martial One Handed or Versatile

Bastard Sword (2020-06-27)Battleaxe (2020-06-24)Morningstar (2020-09-26)

Martial Ranged

Blowgun 1H (2020-09-28)Blowgun 2H (2020-09-28)Crossbow, Hand (2020-09-28)Crossbow, Heavy (2020-09-28)Longbow (2020-09-26)

Martial Shields

Horned Shield (2020-09-26)Knife Shield (2020-09-28)Sword Shield (2020-09-28)Tusked Shield (2020-09-28)

Martial Two Handed

Bardiche (2020-09-26)

Pathfinder 1st Edition Roleplaying Game

Game Management:

Annotated Stat Blocks (2019-02-12)Creating a Campaign (2019-04-02)GM's Luck Roll (2020-01-07)Running Games over Skype (2020-04-21)Tracking Experience (2019-12-26)

Building Characters:

Pathfinder Unchained: Rogue (2019-05-07)Freeport: Freebooter (Pirate) (2019-05-21)

Paizo Adventure Paths:

#1 -Rise of the Runelords (2018-01-22)#2 - Curse of the Crimson Throne (2019-05-28)#3 - Second Darkness (2019-07-30)#4 - Legacy of Fire (tba)#5 - Council of Thieves (tba)#6 - Kingmaker (tba)#7 - Serpent's Skull (tba)#8 - Carrion Crown (tba)#9 - Jade Regent (tba)#10 - Skull and Shackles (tba)#11 - Shattered Star (tba)#12 - Reign of Winter (tba)Adventure - We Be Goblins

Pathfinder 2nd Edition Roleplaying Game

Navigating My Pathfinder 2 Posts

Pathfinder Main Page

  • Rules Updates - Link to all the content that shows official rules updates
  • TRAP Design - The design decisions that I have used to build the TRAP campaign.
  • TRAP Campaign - The section that will detail campaign elements important to the ongoing storyline.
  • Converted Classes - Here are the 1st edition classes converted over to 2nd Edition.
  • Converted Items - Here are all the items I have converted (or Created) for 2nd Edition.
  • Converted Races - Here are all the races I have concerted for 2nd Edition.
  • Factions - Here are the factions available in the TRAP campaign
  • Feats - Here are the feats available in my games

Game Management:

Annotated Stat Block (2019-09-17)Character Creation (2020-06-16)Choosing a new Campaign (2019-06-11)Playtest Thoughts (2018-12-11)GM's Luck Roll (2020-01-07)Running Games over Skype (2020-04-21)Tracking Experience (2019-12-26)

Rules Reviews:

Animal Companions (2020-07-14)Archetypes (2020-07-15)Crafting PF2 Items (2020-01-01)Equipment (2020-07-17)General and Skill Feats (2020-07-16)Modes - Encounter Mode (2020-03-24)Modes - Exploration Mode (2020-03-31)Modes - Downtime Mode (2020-04-07)Playing the Game (2020-07-18)

Class References

Alchemist (2020-07-02)Barbarian (2020-07-03)Bard (2020-07-04)Champion (2020-07-05)Cleric (2020-07-06)Druid (2020-07-07)Fighter (2020-07-08)Monk (2020-07-09)Ranger (2020-07-10)Rogue (2020-07-11)Sorcerer (2020-07-12)Wizard (2020-07-13)

Class Conversions

Class - Samurai (2019-10-15)Class - Summoner (2019-10-01)Class - Witch (2019-10-07)

Race References

Dwarves (2020-08-03)Elven (2020-08-04)Gnomes (2020-08-05)Goblin (2020-08-06)Hag (2020-06-21)Halglings (2020-08-07)Humans (2020-06-18)Orcs (2020-06-19)Ratfolk (2020-06-22)Shadowkin (2020-06-20)
Half-Breeds (2020-02-04)- Half-Breed Feats (2020-06-23)

Item Conversions

Item Creation (2020-01-01)


Fireworks (2019-12-20)


O'Yoroi (2020-06-23)

Consumable Item

Dispelling Sliver (2020-07-19)Fugitive's Grenade (2020-02-19)Halflfight Charm (2020-04-24)

Held Item

Terra-Cotta Talisman (2020-04-29) Trail Map of the Region (2020-04-15)

Magic Armour

Armour of the Armadillo (2020-06-25)Ghost Mirror Armour (2020-03-25)Shozoku of the Night Wind (2020-03-11)

Magic Weapons

Dancing Wasp (2020-01-22)Deadly Kiss (2020-02-12)Earthfire Shuriken (2020-02-26)Nine-Fold Spirit Sword (2020-04-08)Oathtaker (2020-03-04)Suishen (2020-02-05)Whispering Shrike (2020-01-29)


Poison Rune (2020-04-01)


Kusarigama (2020-01-22)Tetsubo (2020-03-04)Wakazashi (2020-01-29)

Worn Items

Sashimono of Comfort (2020-04-22)


Amastatsu Seal (2020-01-08)Suishen (2020-02-05)Warding Box (2020-01-15)

Building Thassilonian Resurgence

Part 1 – The Concept (2019-07-09)Part 2 – Cities and Guide (2019-08-06)Part 3 – Adventure Path (2019-08-12)Part 4 - House Rules (2019-08-20)Part 5 - On Thassilonia (2019-08-27)Part 6 - Factions and PCs (2019-09-10)Part 7 - Pathfinder Factions (2019-09-24)Part 8 - Things I Learnt (2019-10-22)Part 9 - Half-Breeds (2020-02-04)Part 10 - Using Renown (2020-02-11)Part 11 - Gaining Renown (2020-03-10)Part 12 - Location Feats (2020-04-22)

JRAP Campaign

Character Options:

Social Feats (2020-07-01)

Location Information

Personalities (2020-04-21)


The Broken One (2020-06-27)

Location Information:

Varisia (2020-04-21)Absalom (2020-06-26)Personalities (2020-04-21)Challenges (2020-05-11)

Character Information:

Location Feat (2020-04-22)Social Feats - RotR (2020-07-20)

Adventure Information:

Aspirant Pathfinders (2020-04-28)Doomsday Dawn - The Lost Star (2020-05-10)


Abadar (2020-08-08)Calistria (2020-08-09)Cayden Cailean (2020-08-10)Desna (2020-08-11)Erastil (2020-08-12)Gozreh (2020-08-13)Lamashtu (2020-08-14)Norgorber (2020-08-15)Pharasma (2020-08-16)Urgathoa (2020-08-17)Zon-Kuthon 92020-08-18)

Settlement Information:

Abken (2020-08-29)Baslwief (2020-08-30)Biston (2020-08-31)Galduria (2020-08-24)Harse (2020-09-01)Ilsurian (2020-06-02)Janderhoff (2020-08-21)Kaer Maga (2020-05-23)Korvosa (2020-06-04)Magnimar (2020-06-01)Melfesh (2020-09-02)Nybor (2020-08-25)Palin's Cove (2020-08-23)Riddleport (2020-06-03)Roderic's Cove (2020-08-22)Sandpoint (2020-07-22)Sirathu (2020-09-03)Turtleback Ferry (2020-08-26)Urglin (2020-08-19)Velderaine (2020-09-04)Wartle (2020-08-27)Whistledown (2020-09-26)Wolf's Ear (2020-08-28)

Location Information:

Ashwood (2020-07-21)Bloodsworn Vale (2020-08-20)Brinewall (2020-07-23)Calphiak Mountains (2020-07-24)Celwynvian (2020-07-25)Chorak's Tomb (2020-07-26)Churlwood (2020-07-27)Cinderlands (2020-07-28)Crystalrock (2020-07-29)Crystilan (2020-07-30)Churchain Hills (2020-07-31)Ember Lake (2020-08-01)Fenwall Mountains (2020-08-02)Fogscar Mountains (2020-09-05)Gnashers (2020-09-06)Gruankus (2020-09-07)Guiltspur (2020-09-08)Hollow Mountain (2020-09-09)Hook Mountain (2020-09-10)Iron Peaks (2020-09-11)Kodar Mountains (2020-09-12)Lady's Light (2020-09-13)Lurkwood (2020-09-17)Malgorian Mountains (2020-09-18)Mierani Forest (2020-09-19)Minderhal's Anvil (2020-09-20)Mindspin Mountains (2020-09-21)Mobhad Leigh (2020-09-22)Mudatei (2020-09-23)Mushfens (2020-09-24)Nolands (2020-09-26)Skotha Lake (2020-09-14)Stormunder Lake (2020-09-15)Syrantula Lake (2020-09-16)

Organisation Information:

Pathfinder Society (2020-06-05)- Andoran Faction (2020-06-06)- Cheliax Faction (2020-06-07)- Grand Lodge Faction (2020-06-08)- Lantern Lodge Faction (2020-06-09)- Osirion Faction (2020-06-10)- Qadira Faction (2020-06-11)- Szcarni Faction (2020-06-12)- Shadow Lodge Faction (2020-06-13)- Silver Crusade Faction (2020-06-14)- Taldor Faction (2020-06-15)

Star Wars Roleplaying Game

Navigating My Dungeons and Dragons Posts

Star Wars Main Page

  • SW New Rules - New Rules for the fantasy flight game.
  • SW Adversaries - Opponents for the star wars rolepaying game.
  • SW Droids - Droids as opponents and helpers for the roleplaying game.
  • SW Equipment - Equipment to help expand the Star Wars Games.
  • SW Galaxy Map - For use with navigating the stars of the setting.
  • SW Planets - The different locations of the setting.
  • SW Adventures - A discussion of the published adventures and what you will find inside.

Game Management:

Thoughts on concluding a three year campaign (2019-03-26)Annotated Stat Block (tba)GM's Luck Roll (2020-01-07)Running Games over Skype (2020-04-21)West End Games Edition (2018-12-18)References (2020-06-07)2016 Campaign (2020-08-30)


Crafting a Lightsaber (2020-06-02)Knight Level Play (2020-06-05)Duty (2020-08-27)Force Awareness (20202-08-29)Morality (2020-08-28)Obligation (2020-08-26)

Creating a Campaign:

Part 1 - Rules and Setting (2019-04-09)Part 2 - Characters and Timeline (2019-06-18)

Galaxy Map:

The Deep Core (2020-06-03)The Core Worlds (2020-06-04)The Colonies (2020-06-06)The Inner Rim (2020-06-10)The Expansion Region (2020-06-11)The Mid Rim (2020-06-13)The Outer Rim (2020-06-17)The Unknown Region (2020-06-18)
Special RergionsTingel Arm (2020-08-03)Wild Space (2020-06-20)


Eriadu (2020-06-19)Phemis (2020-05-17)

Map Sections:

C16 (2020-08-09)F08 (2020-08-10)G07 (2020-08-12G11 (2020-08-13)G16 (2020-08-16)G21 (2020-08-17)H07 (2020-08-18)H15 (2020-08-19))H16 (2020-08-23)H19 (2020-08-24)H20 (2020-08-25)I06 (2020-09-02)I05 (2020-09-05)I08 (2020-09-06)I13 (2020-09-08)I16 (2020-09-11)I17 (2020-09-13)I18 (2020-09-14)I19 (2020-09-15)J04 (2020-09-16)J05 (2020-09-17)J06 (2020-09-18)J07 (2020-09-19)J08 (2020-09-20)J12 (2020-09-22)J13 (2020-09-23)J15 (2020-09-24)J16 (2020-09-26)L01 (2020-08-02)L02 (2020-08-04)L03 (2020-08-05)L04 (2020-08-06)M03 (2020-07-09)M05 (2020-07-08)M06 (2020-07-07)M07 (2020-07-06)M08 (2020-07-05)M09 (2020-07-04)M10 (2020-07-03)M11 (2020-06-08)M12 (2020-06-14)M13 (2020-06-15)M14 (2020-06-21)M15 (2020-06-22)M16 (2020-06-23)M17 (2020-06-26)M18 (2020-06-28)M19 (2020-06-29)M20 (2020-06-30)M21 (2020-07-02)

Major Trade Routes:

H1 - Perlemain Trade Route (2020-07-17)H2 - Corellian Run (2020-07-19)H3 - Corellian Trade Spine (2020-07-20)H4 - Rimma Trade Route (2020-07-22)H5 - Hydian Way (2020-07-13)

Trade Routes:

Ado Spine (2020-07-24)Annaj-Houche Run (2020-08-21)Bakura Trace (2020-08-14)Braxant Run (2020-07-11)Burke's Trailing (2020-09-07)Celanon Spur (2020-07-12)Cerean Reach (2020-09-09)Commenor Run (2020-07-16)Coruscant-Dantooine hyperlane (2020-08-08)Coyn Route (2020-07-31)Duros Space Run (2020-07-25)Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route (2020-08-01)Enarc Run (2020-07-23)Giju Run (2020-0921)Great Gran Run (2020-09-10)Lipsec Run (2020-07-27)Lutrillian Cross (2020-09-26)Koda Spur (2020-09-14)Mandalorian Road (2020-07-15)Metellos-Ilum hyoerlane (2020-08-11)Murgo Choke (2020-09-04)Myto's Arrow (2020-08-07)Namadii Corridor (2020-09-01)Nothoiin Corridor (2020-07-28)Ovise Reach (2020-08-20)Rago Run (2020-10-03)Seswenna Expansion (2020-07-26)Sharlissian Trade Corridor (2020-07-30)Shipwrights' Trace (2020-07-21)Shiritoku Way (2020-08-15)Spar Trade Route (2020-08-22)Trellen trade Route (2020-07-18)Trition Trade Route (2020-08-02)Vaathree Trade Corridor (2020-07-14)Veragi Trade Route (2020-07-10)Yankirk Route (2020-07-29)



Ashur Sungazer (2020-06-12)


Phemis Canyon Charger (2020-05-24)Rubat Spinner (2020-05-25)


Viper Probe Droid (2020-05-19)


Stormtrooper - Cavetrooper (2020-05-22)Stormtrooper Commanders: Ironarm (2020-05-29)


Rubat Crystals (2020-05-18)

Adventure in Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars:

Converting West End Games to Fantasy Flight Games (2018-12-25)

The Beta Adventures:

Character Creation for Ongoing Campaign (2019-08-23)EotE - Crates of Krayts (2019-08-20)AoR - Operation: Shell Game (2019-08-20)FD - Lost Knowledge (2019-01-08)

The Core Rules:

EotE - Trouble Brewing (2019-01-15)AoR - Perlemian Haul (2019-08-23)FD - Lessons from the Past (2019-08-23)

The Game Master Kits:

EotE - Debts to Pay (2019-01-22)AoE - Dead in the Water (2019-10-10)FD - Hidden Depths (2019-10-10)

The First Adventures:

EotE Beyond the Rim (2019-01-29)AoR Onslaught at Arda I (2019-02-19)FD Chronicles of the Gatekeeper (2019-02-26)

The Second Adventures:

EotE Jewel of Yavin (2019-03-05)AoR Friends Like These (2019-03-12)FDGhosts of Dathomir (2019-03-19)
EotE (Edge of the Empire) AoR (Age of Rebellion) FD (Force and Destiny) FA (Force Awakens)

Shadowrun Roleplaying Game

Game Management:

Creating a Campaign (2019-04-16)Annotated Stat Block (tba)GM's Luck Roll (2020-01-07)Running Games over Skype (2020-04-21)

Building Shadowrun using Genesys

Part 1 – Why choose Genesys (2019-06-04)Part 2 – Setting, Races and Careers (2019-07-02)

1st Generation - 4th Edition & 20th Anniversary Edition

The Setup (2019-03-23)Year One – Origin Story (2019-04-30)Year Two – Emergence (2019-05-14)Year Three – Ghost Cartels (2019-07-16)Year 4 - Artefacts (2019-12-25)Year 5 - Horizon (2020-01-28)

2nd Generation - 5th Edition

The Setup (2020-02-25)Year Five - Horizon (2020-04-14)

3rd Generation - 5th Edition (tba)

3rd Generation - Genesys (tba)

Other RPG Games

FATE - Dresden Files:

Canberra Chronicecs - Introduction (2020-06-30)

Fragged Empire

Character Creation (2020-08-31)

Sentinels Comics:

Start Kit - The Characers (2020-06-29)


D&D BECMI Edition


rc - Rules Cyclopedia (2020-09-07)

Wrath of the Immortals

wi-bs - Boxed Set (2020-08-13)wi-b1 - Codex of the Immortals (2020-08-10)

Hollow World

hw-bs - Boxed Set (2020-08-12)hw-dms - Dungeon Masters Sourcebook (2020-08-11)


gaz1 - The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (2020-08-20)gaz3 - The Principalities of Glantri (2020-09-16)gaz8 - The Five Shires (2020-08-27)gaz14 - The Atruaghin Clans (2020-08-16)


B1 - In Search of the Unknown (2020-08-19)B1-9 - In Search of Adventure (2020-08-18)X11 - Saga of the Shadow Lord (2020-09-15)X12 - Skarda's Mirror (2020-08-21)

D&D 3rd Edition

Mongose Publishing

Encylcopeadia Arcane:

mgp1008 - Elementalism (2020-07-25)

D&D 5th Edition

Wizards of the Coast

cos - Curse of Strahd (2020-09-18)dmg - Dungeon Masters Guide (2020-08-02)hdq - Hoard of the Dragon Queen (2020-08-25)mm - Monster Manual (2020-08-30)mtf - Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes (2020-08-01)ph - Player's Handbook (2020-07-31)pota - Princes of the Apocalypse (2020-08-07)scag - Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (2020-08-15)skt - Storm King's Thunder (2020-09-19)tod - Tyranny of Dragons (2020-08-24)trot - The Rise of Tiamat (2020-8-26)typ - Tales from the Yawning Portal (2020-08-23)vgm - Volo's Guide to Monsters (2020-09-17)wdmm - Waterdeep - Dungeon of the Mad Mage (2020-08-22)xge - Xanathar's Guide to Everything (2020-07-28)

Frog God Games

bls - Book of Lost Spells (2020-07-26)

Goodman Games

gg1 - Into the Borderlands (2020-08-17)

Green Ronin:

br - Book of the Righteous (2020-07-27)tcs - Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting (2020-09-14)

Kobold Press:

mhh - Midgard Heroes Handbook (2020-07-29)mw - Midgard Worldbook (2020-08-14)

Rite Publishing:

cod-5e - In the Company of Dragons (2020-09-11)

Legendary Games

fkcc - Forest Kingdoms Campaign Compendium (2020-09-26)

Pathfinder D&D 3.5 Edition

Paizo Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords

rotr-pg - Players Guide (2020-08-03)

Paizo Pathfinder - Second Darkness

sd-b1 - Book One (2020-09-22)

Pathfinder 1st Edition


pf-uc - Ultimate Combat (2020-09-08)

Pathfinder Campaign Setting

pf-pfcg - Pathfinder Society Field Guide (2020-09-12)

Pathfinder Chronicles

pf-sos - Seekers of Secrets (2020-09-13)

Pathfinder Adventures

pf-mm - Murder's Mark (2020-09-28)

Pathfinder Society

pf-fs1 - First Steps Part One (2020-09-28pf-fs2 - First Steps Part Two (2020-09-28)pf-fs3 - First Steps Part Three (2020-09-28)

Jade Regent Adventure Path

jr-b1 - Book One (2020-09-23)jr-pg - Players Guide (2020-09-01)

Return of the Runelords

rr-b1 - Book One (2020-09-26)

Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition

rotrae - Anniversary Edition (2020-09-20)rotrae-pg - Players Guide (2020-08-04)

Curse of the Crimson Throne Anniversary Edition

cotctae - Anniversary Edition (2020-9-21)

Pathfinder 2nd Edition


pf2-cr - Core Rulebook (2020-08-29)pf2-gg - Gamemastery Guide (2020-09-08)


pf2-dd - Doomsday Dawn (2020-09-28)

Star Wars FFG

Beginner Games

sw-b-fa - Force Awakens (2020-08-28)

Other Sources

Fate Dresden Files

f-df1 - Volume One - Your Storyf-df2 - Volume Two - Our Worldf-dfa - Dresden Files Accelerated (2020-09-02)

Sentinels Comics:

Starter Kit (2020-09-06)

RPG Online

dWiki - D&D Wiki (2020-07-30)mph - Mystara Players Handbook (2020-08-08)pWiki - Pathfinder Wiki (2020-08-05)sWiki - Wookieepedia (2020-08-06)vop - Vaults of Pandius (2020-08-09)

Force and Destiny

sw-fd-rc - Core Rulebook (2020-09-10)

Facebook forum bans

(A personal reminder of where not to post and why)

Places my Blogs have been banned and why.

Mystara Reborn (October 29th 2019) Reason: My posts are too generic, not Mystara enough (Creating a Circle of Dreams Druid in Mystara) Further attempts to post in that forum have been deleted without notification or held from posting for up to a week. Inconsistent management means I will not support this group in the future.
Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition - (December 27th 2019) Reason: My posts are too commercial, and I have been banned from posting to the group. (D&D Mystara Magical Items, Tracking Experience and D&D Mystara Secret Crafts) - final note - they told me I could post links more often if I payed them. (this caused me to leave the group as its a business not a discussion group)
RPG Opinions - (February 18th 2020) Reason: My posts took up to much space and were too frequent. Wanted a condensed weekly summary of what I have done, which left no room for opinions and would also be a long post. All posts removed. After questioning the Admin I was removed and blocked from the group.
Dungeons and Dragons Australia - (May 25th 2020) Reason: They found my option for players to spruke the games they are playing in relating to the blog and youtube channel to see if I can get more subscriptions which are free to be icky and bad forcing players to interact with my interests to obtain ingame rewards. This was then endorsed by one of their moderators so I removed the post. This was part of their Merchant Monday post schedule where you are expected to spruke yourself if you have a blog or youtube channel, as they don't want it done on other days. As I found the wording of it all to be quite negative and trolling I have decided not to post there in the future as I don't want to associate with Condoning of Trolling behaviour.