DNB Teacher Certification Course


Teacher Certification Course 

This interactive, participatory course provides the student with experience, feedback, and insights in teaching Elementary Labanotation. The course can be taken by anyone from anywhere, and may be started at any time. It introduces different materials that can be used and gives examples using Labanotation studies in other related courses (dance history, choreography). You, the student, create lesson plans and teach sample classes. You also observe examples of lesson plans and teaching sessions. All of this is done by sharing your lesson plans and videos of your teaching sessions, as well as having person-to-person communication through Skype sessions with Master teachers. 

Successful completion of this course grants the student Certification in teaching Elementary Labanotation to the standards of the Dance Notation Bureau (DNB). You may upgrade to Intermediate Level by completing the DNB's Intermediate Certifying Exam and the Intermediate Class Assignments; no additional coursework is required.