The Taiwan University Alliance for Applied Sciences(TAItech),founded in February 2017,is a coalition of six major technological universities in Taiwan committed to seeking excellence through teamwork and collaboration.

The 2nd TAItech-HAWtech Network Conference-Round Table Meeting / June 9 to June 11, 2021

In year 2021to 2022, NKUST and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences are the representatives of TAITech and HAWTech alliances. We’ve just finished our 2nd Network Conference in June 2021. Along with the conference between 12 universities of Taiwan and Germany, an education exhibition was held to let students and teachers in the universities to understand each other more.(more...)

Summer_Block Seminar_2021_Technical Basics.pdf

JOIN LIVE ONLINE SEMINAR IN TECHNICAL BASICS - Faculty of Management & Technology of University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen, Germany / August 2-August 16, 2021

Hochschule Esslingen-University of Applied Sciences, will hold summer online seminars from August 2 to August 16. The activities will be conducted in English throughout the whole process. Welcome to sign up.

Please refer to left side slides for the introduction of the activity. Those who are interested in registering, please provide relevant information by email : before July 11, and register with the coordinator Ms. Christiane Höger-Riedel of Esslingen-University of Applied Sciences.

2019 Autumn Visiting Tour / October 5- October 14,2019

To reinforce the relationship between TAItech and HAWtech, HAWtech organized a ten-day short-term visiting program for TAItech University professors and students. (October 5- October 14,2019). The visiting tour aims not only to provide an insight into German life and culture, but also gain knowledge from the labs and have hands-on experience during workshops. A total of 16 participants from (more...)

The 1st HAWtech-TAItech meeting and Roundtable Discussion, is held on 6 March 2019 in Taiwan / March 06, 2019

2019 HAWtech-TAItech Roundtable was held by National Chin-Yi University of Technology on March 6th. Representatives of 12 universities from Taiwan and Germany discussed and signed a memorandum of cooperation (MoU) on five topics: student exchange, workplace/industry internships, research internships, summer schools, and visiting cultural tour. They hope that this HAWtech-TAItech alliance (more...)

The 1st HAWtech-TAItech meeting and Roundtable Discussion, will be held 4 - 8 March 2019 in Taiwan / November 13, 2018

For further information, tentative schedule, and registration form (to be completed by December 7, 2018) , please visit (more...)

MOU Signed Between TAItech and HAWtech, Launching New International Collaborative Models in Technological and Vocational Talent Training / July 5, 2017

In order to continue strengthening technological and vocational education as well as boosting international exchanges, the Ministry of Education is committed to promoting the cooperation between the Taiwan Alliance of Applied Sciences and the German Alliance of Applied Sciences . On the morning of July 5th this year (2017), the Head of HAWtech (more...)