Community Exhibition Night

Come check out our Fall Ensembles!!!

  • Performances from...

      • Tahoma High School Fall Parade Ensemble

      • Tahoma Drum Line

      • Tahoma Field Show Ensemble

  • Get a Selfie with our 8-ft Medusa prop!!!

  • Visit the Dessert Food Trucks after the performance

Event Date: Wednesday, November 3

Location: Tahoma High School Stadium

Performance Time: 7:30 p.m.

Fall Parade Band Option

Open to All Band Members, Percussionists & Color Guard

Fall Field Show Option

Open to All Band Members, Percussionists & Color Guard

Fall Marching Options

*Students who are enrolled in one of the Tahoma High School Bands or Percussion Classes are required to participate in the fall marching curriculum as part of their band education. This year students may select which ensemble to achieve that with.

Option 1 - Fall Parade Band Option 2 - Fall Field Show Ensemble

  • Both options have a Summer Preparation Camp

  • Both options have performances in the fall season

  • Both options will provide students with an opportunity to work with music professionals

Parade Band - New this year!

  • Half Day Camp (morning to early afternoon)

  • 1 Rehearsal a week for the fall season

  • Performances as a Pep Band in the stands at home football games

  • Culminating Performance at the Auburn Verterans' Day Parade

  • Participation and Individual Fees - Plans and Scholarships available

Field Show Ensemble - Traditional Fun & Competitive

  • Full Day Camp (morning to dinner-time)

      • Percussion and Color Guard have their own (additional) technique camps

  • 2 Rehearsals a week for the fall season (1 evening & 1 afternoon)

  • Performances with Pep Band at home football games & during Half Time Show

  • 3 Culminating Performances/Season Competitions

  • Participation and Individual Fees - Plans and Scholarships available

Q & A's

Can I do Band and play fall sports?

  • Yes! Our summer camps are scheduled to be completed prior to any sports camps to remove conflicts.

  • Our evening rehearsal is scheduled so that students may attend their sports practice after school, then come to ours. Mr. Cole will ask students to sit on the side and make sure they eat something prior to jumping into rehearsal.

  • On the rare occasions that there is a conflict, Mr. Cole asks that the student communicate ahead of time to help with planning. It is easy to make accommodations for students who are doing their best and keeping up with their peers. We work together, but support individuals as much as possible.

  • Performances are scheduled months in advance to help with planning and collaborative adjustments with possible performance conflicts.

What if I have a part-time job?

  • Most jobs request a submission of any schedule considerations prior to their 2-week or month work shift schedule. Please make sure you submit our band rehearsal dates and times (fall calendar) to your supervisor and/or scheduler to ensure you are scheduled around our rehearsals in the fall.

  • Sometimes conflicts occur and last minute life situations happen. It is extremely easy to make accommodations for students who are doing their best and keeping up with their peers. We work together, but support individuals as much as possible.

What if I don't play a traditional Marching Instrument?

  • We have all kinds of options!

      • You could pick up a new instrument to participate with! Play it for the fall season and in pep music, lots of sound, safe environment to try something new...and if you make a mistake, chances are nobody will hear it! :-)

      • You could join Color Guard. This group includes flags, sabers and rifles along with body movement and fun costumes. This group is for all students - no gender limitations. Lots of students join this group in high school for the first time! And we have a super positive and fantastic coach!

      • We often need some additional roles filled connected with the field show ensemble that are based on the needs of each unique show and theme. This would also include carrying the banner for the Fall Parade Band at the culminating Auburn Veteran's Day Parade.

      • These are a few ideas that students who play unique instruments have selected. Maybe you have a new one! :-)

What if we cannot afford the participation fees?

  • No Worries! We have you covered!!!

      • We have scholarships through the high school and the band boosters! We want you to be able to participate. Please do not let finances hold you back! We will find a way to support you in any way you need for your successful participation and inclusion in our Tahoma Band Family!

      • Just email our band booster president, Mrs. Shelly Connors ( or Mr. Cole ( sharing your need for some financial support.

Am I able to participate in both the Field Show Ensemble and the Fall Parade Band?

  • Yes, for the most part.

      • Students in the Field Show Ensemble may also participate in the Fall Parade Band. Expectation is that students learn and memorize the two parade songs in addition to their field show music. Students will be added in to the parade block mid season for those who would like to do both.

      • Students in the Fall Parade Band may not decide to later add in Field Show Ensemble unless an opening becomes available for some unforeseen reason. The field show drill is specifically written for each student participating. Each one has a spot on the field in each design. If an opening becomes available, individuals may be invited to step in to fill holes in the design based on instrumentation/interest/needs. Parade Band members who want to add in field show could be added into a supporting role that is specific to the performance routine. These role needs vary season to season and may open up as the show progresses.

Once I register for one group, can I change my mind and switch to the other?

  • No, we ask that you commit to the ensemble in which you register for the duration of the season.

      • Changes to the field show drill once it is written is extremely expensive for the band and time intensive for both the drill writer who has to rewrite all of the different designs and sets as well as for the participating students who have to learn all new locations (or relearn locations) to make adjustments for new numbers.

I am moving into the high school/district late in the summer or early fall. What do I do?

  • Connect with Mr. Cole ( after you register for band or percussion as one of your classes. Then register for Fall Parade Band.

      • It is much easier to add you into the Fall Parade Band block once the season gets going for the ensemble and the performer.

Get connected with our Tahoma Band members! Meet our student Leaders!

Camps, Rehearsals, Events, Football Games, Competitions

Camps, Rehearsals, Events, Football Games, Final Parade

We would love for you to get involved! With almost 200 members, we have a need for you! Everyone has a hobby or or talent that could be a fantastic gift to our band family!

✔ Building ✔ Sewing ✔ Organizing ✔ Painting ✔ Web Design ✔ Event Poster Design

✔ Cooking ✔ Baking ✔ Grant-writing ✔ Sound Tech ✔ Private Teaching

✔ Coaching - Woodwinds, Brass, Color Guard, Corps-style Marching Technique, etc.

✔ Networking/Connections for donations, products, instruments, equipment trucks, equipment trailers, performance raincoats for marching uniforms

💖 If you would love to get involved, but don't have the time, please considering donating through our Tahoma Band Booster $upport program. Everything always goes directly to our students in support of their passion, experience, success, and achievement!

💻 Check out our Tahoma Band Booster Facebook page too! We have announcements of events, fundraisers and celebrations of our instrumentalists!