The SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use & Health shows that in 2010 there were 133,000 new (first time) users in the US and some 439,000 current users (SAMHSA 2011). This use involves substantial public health concern stemming from a significant rate of dependence on METH. The Treatment Episodes Data Set (TEDS) data on admissions for substance abuse  treatment in the US show that there were 115,000 admissions for all amphetamines (dataset does not break out METH specifically) in 2010, which represented 6% of all treatment admissions. In some states the problem is more severe, for example in CA there were 41,665 admissions for all amphetamines in 2011 which represented 26% (compared with 21% for marijuana, 12% for alcohol) of all treatment admissions (TEDS/SAMHSA 2012). 

There are no approved pharmacotherapies for METH dependence and conventional therapy is often less than completely effective.

Current projects in the laboratory focus on reinforcing effects of methamphetamine, the development of compulsive use and the amelioration or reversal of methamphetamine self-administration.

Methamphetamine Publications

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Methamphetamine research in the Taffe Laboratory is currently supported by USPHS Grant R01 DA042211 and was previously supported by USPHS Grants R01 DA024705, R01 DA018418 and R01 DA024105.