Field Syntax Lab

University of Rochester

Linguistics Department

The Field Syntax Lab conducts research in theoretical syntax and combines it with linguistic fieldwork on understudied languages, with a main focus on Bantu languages. As part of the lab's educational mission, we host weekly lab meetings open to undergraduate students in linguistics, providing them with an opportunity to study syntax at a more advanced level and to participate in linguistic research.


  • Nov 12 (10am): Online lectures by Prof. Susanne Wurmbrand and Prof. Norvin Richards (register)

Languages currently under investigation

  1. Zimbabwean Ndebele

  2. Zulu

  3. Swahili

  4. Chichewa


Lab director: Dr. Asia Pietraszko

Research assistants:

  • Ethan Busch

  • Jane Loney

  • Vanessa Wish