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If you are running a business then congratulations… you are one of 6 million of us in the UK!

If we’re honest with ourselves though... us entrepreneurs are a little bit crazy. We work extremely hard, we work long hours, we have to prioritise for the business (some say sacrifice) a lot, we push ourselves through all manner of dis-comfort zones, and… until things really take off (could be 3-5 years) we don’t earn very much either.

What's the problem?

Most of us learnt about running a business in the 20th century... or we are being shown how too run a business by people who learnt in the 20th century. The world is no longer the same. The rules appear to have all changed.

Technology has massively impacted how people find things, connect with others and if it seems like we're getting left behind. The world is in a big rush, everyone wants something for nothing... and it's just getting tougher and tougher for the small business owner. You might even be questioning whether there is a place for the small trader any more...

But at least we’re the boss right?