Blogs in South West Herts

Are you in SW Herts? ...and a Blogger?

If the answer to both these questions is a resounding "YES"... then we would love you to join our local "Blogging Team".

This is a resource to share all your amazing local content

We've got some really gifted people out there in our communities. Many of us are just so frustrated because we know people would benefit from what we are writing but we just can't reach them.

Perfection for many would be the local newspaper picked up on our passion and published what we write... but mostly good news stories don't sell advertising space and... why would they publish your stuff anyway?

So what can we do?

Let's innovate! Let's just do it ourselves... Let's create a local 'bloggers paradise' where all us local bloggers can have our content shared. Like an eclectic online magazine with local people providing all the content. Also this has sister initiatives the local Community & Business newsletters (fortnightly both of them) where blogs can be 'Featured' too...

By the way... just in case you were wondering this service is all free

Lots of Creative people in South West Herts writing blogs

People set up blogs for many different reasons. [... visit the 'why blog' page for more on this] ... but having decided you are going to take action and go through with it then it would be nice to know that people are reading, enjoying and perhaps inspired by what you are writing.

That's the purpose of this mini website... to bring together all you fabulous local writers with passion to help more people connect with you and engage with your content...

Sound like a plan?

Different types of blogs

To make this easier to navigate we've set up some initial categories to fit those we know about.

There will be more as we uncover more bloggers... so if you believe you need a different category then... when you submit your blog just suggest the category in the "other" option.

Let's spread the love... send us your Blog details