Prospective Students

The Swei lab is a highly collaborative and driven group of scientists who are interested in ecological dynamics, species interactions, microbes, and disease ecology. We seek candidates who have research experience or are willing to learn across a wide range of disciplines including field biology, vector ecology, molecular and microbial biology, and quantitative methods. SF State University has a strong graduate program with several programs in the Master's of Biology major but does not have a PhD program. 

Graduate Students

Graduate students in the Swei Lab conduct independent research in many areas of disease and vector ecology. At the time of graduation, students will be prepared to submit a first author publication to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. This and other expectations are outlined in a student-mentor compact that can be found below.  

If you are interested in learning more about pursuing a Master's degree in Fall 2024 in the Swei Lab, please contact Dr. Swei to discuss your research interests. Students with a wide range of interests and research experiences are welcome to develop a personalized research program. 

Official application information to the department of Biology at San Francisco State University is available at the departmental website ( 

Swei lab mentee-mentor compact (2023)

Swei Lab Research Compact_2023.docx

Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in getting involved in research in the Swei Lab. Please email Dr. Swei with with your name, your major, your expected graduation date, and a brief statement of your research interests. Research units are available for those undergraduates who would like to earn credit while pursuing a research project as Biol 699 units.

If you are interested in applying to be an undergraduate research assistant, please fill out this survey and if a position becomes available, somebody will be in contact: UG survey ​​

Anti-Racism Statement

The Swei Laboratory is committed to being a safe, supportive, and anti-racist, anti-sexist environment in which students from diverse racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality, socio-economic, and other backgrounds are equally and inclusively supported in their education and training. We strive to eliminate unconscious biases, micro-aggressions, and other forms of unintended discrimination or sexism through sustained communication, empathy, continuous learning and understanding.

The Swei Laboratory strives to be a safe and supportive environment for students from all walks of life. We provide excellent training and resources to enhance the professional opportunities of those from underrepresented minority groups.

Students that join the lab are asked to agree to the following statement on conduct and conflict resolution: pdf

Funding Opportunities

Graduate fellowships and funding: 

Student enrichment opportunities office:

Additional scholarships San Francisco State Scholarship website include:

The department of biology BioLuminaries Award includes funding for graduate summer research and includes The James Duncan BioLuminary Award (in plants), the ABS BioLuminary Award (unrestricted), and the Felipe Andres Ramirez-Weber BioLuminary Award (unrestricted). Please contact the Department of Biology office for more details on the BioLuminary Awards (; Deadline is April 16, 2021.

The department of biology at SFSU offers fellowships and graduate funding (e.g. GTA, graduate teaching assistantship, and GA, graduate assistant): SFSU Department of Biology Scholarships and Funding — Graduate Students.

Out of state students may be nominated for a Provost Scholar Non-Resident Fee Waiver Program. Please contact Andrea Swei for more information and/or view additional graduate school materials at: SFSU Biology Department Student Handbook.

Undergraduate researcher fellowships and funding: 

We have many undergraduate research opportunities in the lab and are happy to talk with any interested students. You can get in touch with Andrea Swei, or any other member of the lab. Undergraduates should also search the SFSU Scholarship Webpage using filters “biology” and “College of Science and Engineering” for fellowship opportunities for undergraduates.

Students in action in the lab, field, and community!