Swedish Phytogeographical Society

Welcome to the Swedish Phytogeographical Society

The Swedish Phytogeographical Society (SVS) promotes and disseminates research and outreach activities in plant ecology and plant geography. Through the funding of scholarships, the publication and dissemination of scientific books, and the organization of seminars and excursions, the Society actively stimulates research in Geobotany and Plant Ecology both within and outside Sweden.

The Society includes members from all over the world and everyone is welcome to join.

Being a member has several advantages

- You can receive scholarships to fund your research in Botany or Anthropology

- You can take part in our botanical excursions at a reduced price

- You will be always updated about our activities

The membership is free

To become a member of the Society please fill in this form


Our honorary member Eddy van der Maarel, professor of ecological botany at Uppsala University, has died. He has left us in deep sorrow.