Seneca Valley Girls’ Lacrosse Booster Bylaws 

Purpose Statement: 

The purpose of the Seneca Valley Girls’ Lacrosse Boosters (SVGLB) organization is to enhance and promote the girls’ lacrosse program within the Seneca Valley School District. The SVGLB will hold regular meetings during the year, sponsor special events, and raise funds in order to help and to recognize the achievements of the student players. These things will be accomplished within the standards and policies of the school district. 


Members are defined as any parent or legal guardian of active players as well as any individuals who choose to support the Seneca Valley Girls’ Lacrosse Program. Members in good standing are defined as those members who qualify to have voting privileges as outlined in the Voting Privileges section. 

Officers, Executive Board, and Executive Committee: 

The officers shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Middle School Coordinator. The five officers shall comprise the executive committee. In the event any officer vacates an office in mid-term, a replacement shall be chosen at the next regular meeting by majority vote of the executive committee. 

Changes to the Bylaws: 

Bylaws may be changed after approval of a motion to amend or change and a reading of the amendment or change at two consecutive regular meetings followed by a vote for the amendment or change after the second reading. 

Standing Committees: 

The President is empowered to appoint members to standing committees as is necessary to conduct booster affairs. Committees may include, but is not limited to: Fundraising, Tournaments, Publicity, Special Events, Banquet, and Program. 

Voting Privileges: 

All members in good standing are extended voting privileges. New members are extended voting privileges after attending two consecutive regularly scheduled meetings and are current with their financial obligations. Voting privileges for January, February, and March meetings will also be given to new members who have a child who is new to the girls’ lacrosse program, and who are current with their financial obligations (dues). A spousal member, not in good standing, may cast one vote in the absence of their spouse who is a member in good standing. All members in good standing who miss three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings or are not current with their financial obligations shall lose their voting privileges and no longer classified as being members in good standing. 

Operation of the Treasury: 

Meeting Structure: 

Meetings shall be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order. In order for official action to be taken, a quorum consisting of two officers and a member in good standing must exist. Meetings shall be chaired by the President or a delegate of the President. Meetings shall proceed as follows: 

Last Updated / Approved 10/2/2013