Shannon M. Quail 

Spirit Award

To All Girls Lacrosse Players and Parents:

Let us start by expressing our extreme gratitude to all of you on so many levels. For the past several years, you have all become family members both to Shannon as a player and Laurie as a team mom. The practices, the games, the road trips, pizza, subs, laughter and tears all have made for an amazing and unforgettable journey. The friendships and fond memories are priceless!

On January 18th, all of our worlds changed it was God's time to make Shannon His angel. The outpouring of love since that day by all of you, from the viewing, the cards, the hugs, the letters of encouragement has been inspirational and staggering. It makes us so proud that Shannon had become a part of such as classy and compassionate organization. Like her family, all of you need to carry on, granted with heavy hearts and make her as proud as you always have while she watches us from her place in heaven. She has always been and always will be so very proud of all each of you and has cherished every moment.

As you know, we had requested in lieu of flowers the establishment of a memorial scholarship in Shannon's name. That annual scholarship of $1500 will go to an outgoing Senior Lacrosse player and will be the Shannon M. Quail Spirit Award.

This award will not go to the leading scorer, best player or one with most awards but rather the senior who most displayed a "passion for life and drive to unify the team". ...who makes the team find a way to laugh after an overtime loss? who reaches out to the 9th and 10th graders and makes them feel a part of the program? .... you get the idea.

The winner will be announced at the banquet each year, the scholarship funds will be sent to the college of the recipient's choice and their name will go on a plaque forever in the school.

For the initial year, the 2009 season, we have decided we want the Shannon M. Quail Spirit Award to be "shared" by her fellow seniors. All their names will go on the plaque, the money divided. In future years, the award will be voted on by the 10th, 11th and 12th graders on the team.

This is our way of keeping Shannon's legacy alive and we hope that it serves as an inspiration to the team. You all continue to be in our hearts and minds and will be all season. We will try to attend some games but truly have no idea to what degree "we'll be able to bring ourselves to do it." If you do not see us at the games, know we are following your success from a distance and with you in spirit.

In closing, you are just an amazing group of people who our family will never forget. God bless you all!!


The Quail Family (Mike, Laurie, Ryan, Julie, Michelle and Shannon)

The Shannon M. Quail Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship

To the Player Who Best Exemplifies the "Spirit of Shannon", Putting Loyalty and Commitment to Team First

Year     Name

2024     ...

2023     Anna Johnson

2022     Emily Todd

2021     Elyse Kiggins

2020     Keely Lisco

2019     Emily Meredith

2018     Mary Sinan

2017     Caroline Foley

2016     Peyton Moriarity

2015     Matyson Zeckzer

Year     Name

2014     Jaclyn Natoli

2013     Lydia Schwartz

2012     Audrey Sewnel

2011     Lauren Moran

2010     Jennifer Cwik

2009     Ashley Argyros

2009     Maresa Navakovich

2009     Corissa Culichia

2009     Nicole Roche

2009     Katy Sterling