su whitaker

Well okay, I've been around the block. By now I've drawn up and over seen pretty much everything: spaceships, forests, medieval cottages and exploding underwater fortresses.

However that just makes me sounds like an international mega dollar production operative; read on... I've also designed micro budget lottery grant shorts and tiny weeny director self funded films. Many winning various awards from Kodak to Academy.

Strangely the same principle applies "$1 spent means $1 screen value"; the built fits the budget.

Born and based in the UK, BA Hons graduated from Middlesex University in Interior Design but with only the intention of working in TV & Film production. This has lead me all over world film making Asia, Europe and USA to incredible mostly in accessible places as these normally look better on camera.

Since my earliest career I've been a member of the British Film Designers Guild, the only officially recognised film and TV Art Dept body in the UK. They honoured me by inviting me to be chairman a few years back, the youngest to date and a woman. So I guess I must fit fairly well.

Give me a call and let's work together too!

Do call I'm friendly and sure I can help ! 07831 186 182