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  • Mon 23 Apr - Sutton Green Residents Association AGM 8:00pm Village Hall
  • Thu 3 May - Local Elections, Village Hall
  • Sat 16 Jun - Sutton Green Village Fete 2:00pm onwards on the green

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  • Planning applications are regularly reviewed by the Sutton Green Association Committee
  • Applications can be viewed on the Woking Borough Council website


  • Do you have any old tales or pictures of Sutton Green in times past? If you would like to share your memories or pictures then please send to


  • Hire the Sutton Green Village Hall for your next event, available to residents and non-residents, please contact for details
  • Regular classes and activities are held in the hall, click here for details



  • Please let the Police know of any suspicious behaviour
  • Non-Emergency call 101 / Emergency only call 999
  • Luckily our village seems to be a relatively crime free area at the moment. NHW get weekly reports from the police about crimes in the whole of Woking, but Sutton Green is hardly ever mentioned and no crimes have been reported to our neighbourhood watch team since the last newsletter. However don’t let that make you complacent. It is always sensible to protect yourself from thieves by making sure your house, car, garage and shed are all locked securely and to keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles and behaviour. Use the contacts below if you spot anything that worries you.
  • Surrey Police Local crime map
  • If you are a victim of crime or spot anything suspicious please let your coordinator know so we can warn others, contact





  • Winter can be a particularly hard time for the river and it’s inhabitants. The weather is cold, wet and interspersed with frosts. Birds are anxiously foraging around for as many calories as possible before the breeding season, bats are tucked away waiting for warmer weather and Lengthsman such as myself are operating weirs day and night after frequent heavy rain. Rain has been much more evenly spaced this year to keep us busier with weir operations. Quite often the rain has fallen during the day and takes until midnight to begin entering the river so much of our monitoring and adjustments have been happening at night. As soon as the water levels have dropped and all the water has exited into the Thames the next shower begins. Due to this much of my work in December and January has been solely weir keeping with the odd bit of outdoor work here and there.Fortunately spring is on its way and there are many exciting things to look forward to.
  • The evenings are drawing out and the sun’s warmth is becoming stronger. Many bulbs, buds and flowers are forming, shooting and unfurling, bringing some colour to the otherwise drab riverbank. Insects are beginning to appear on warmer days. I have already spotted a red admiral butterfly on the wing and I’m sure with more sun-shine many more species will be around soon. Soon the grass will begin to grow once again and the mower will be a regular feature out on the lock side and if the rain is kind it won’t be long until the paintbrush is out touching up the locks and bridges along my stretch too.

See you out on the river. Chris Charman


  • Are you providing a local service or business based in Sutton Green that would be of interest to villagers? If so, please send to if you would like it considered for listing on our upcomming Local page




  • Want to start running? Why not try the NHS couch to 5K, designed to get you off the couch and running in just 9 weeks
  • Woking parkrun, free weekly timed 5Km run, every Saturday at Woking Park
  • Please take care when running on the roads around the village, tips for staying safe


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