"Let us lie close, as lovers should

That, if I wake when barn - crocks crow-

I`ll feel your body at my side,

And hear your breathing come and go,

When dreams, one night, had moved our bodies,

I, waking listened for your breath,

I feared to reach and touch your face,

That it was icy-cold and death.

Let us lie close, as lovers should,

And count our breaths, as some count sheep,

Until we say "Good night", at last,

And with one kiss prepared for sleep,

William Henry Davies-Let us lie close

"One: I am a Welshman, two: I am a drunkard, three: I am a lover of the human race, especially of women." by Dylan Thomas


The Beach and I have been always close friends. She gives me comforts, she gives me joy she helps me to re-connect with nature and she always fills me with positive thoughts...



2017 Porthcawl Spring

She`s got curves and she`s got a warm smile. She embraces your heart. She is glorious. She`s called: SuperWales!

Humans of Wales

Dai Custard

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