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Spelling  Words

Spelling Tests are DONE!

High-Frequency/Sight Words

Students will need to know 90 High-Frequency/Sight Words by the end of the school year. The list is located in their take home binder and a copy can be located in the Homework Helper section below. 

High-Frequency Words/Sight Words are basically words students will need to learn just by sight. Please start practicing these words with you child. 

This week's words:

Spelling/Sight Word Menu


Students should read for 15 minutes each night. This is a great time for them to practice blending and sounding out words.


Students can login to i-Ready for extra practice in Reading and Math.

The i-Ready app only works on an iPad. If you do not have an iPad, login into Clever and then into i-Ready using your internet browser instead of the app. 

If for some reason i-Ready still does not work on your device, don't stress! Just skip this activity. 

Homework Helpers

Letters & Sounds

Letters & Sounds