Inspired by long walks in the woods and taking apart VCRs, There Might Be Ponds is a charming puzzle-esque game about exploration, pleasant conversation, and bodies of water.

Play as a lost girl wandering in a strange and beautiful garden. Make new friends and lend them a helping hand through puzzles designed around intimate, tactile interaction.

It’s okay to stay here for a while.

(please note: the above footage was recorded on a low-end machine and doesn't reflect the game's fidelity. This video is not intended for broad distribution! Thank you :)

There Might Be Ponds was created as a senior production game at Champlain College. It is currently a self-contained horizontal slice of what we hope it could become.

There Might Be Ponds is currently unpublished- if you're interested in being a part of the game's future, please reach out & let us know!

(contact us for download link at