Other Projects

SUPER SKY MECH is a unique action game made in the Champlain College game production program.

Pilot your ship across the skies, battling a space invasion! Transform into your humanoid form to board the enemy ships and destroy them from within! Rack up a high score and unlock battle cards to upgrade your next play!

We built SUPER SKY MECH into a working game cabinet, complete with side art and controls. It lives on Champlain College campus in Burlington, VT.

SUPER SKY MECH is not currently published.

Breath is a short meditative experience about an astronaut's final moments.

It is the year 2053. Militaries across the globe have resorted to using animals in order to combat the rampant terrorism of the future...

Dolphin Squadron is one of our very first games, from way back in 2013.

Play as a mechanized dolphin hired by the US NAVY SEALS to intercept underwater nuclear mines and save coastal cities from annihilation!

Sneak aboard. Plan your route. Place the charges. Escape as the ship sinks!

SABOATAGE is one of our first games. It's about sneaking aboard a warship, placing bombs, and escaping as the ship sinks and burns around you. It's a bit rough around the edges (and way too difficult), but it will always occupy a special place in our hearts.

Of special note is the totally awesome end sequence (about 3.5 minutes into the above video)

Can you measure pain in vertical distance?

Height is a minimalist fighting game for 2 players.

ShapeDown is a minimalist rhythm game that tests your reflexes and ability to love your significant other.

This is another one of our early games, and it's quite difficult!