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Sukhan Unplugged

We are talking to the experts from different fields of life about the social political economic issues that are defining our country. From laws to data rights, we will be talking to friends from different parts of the world.

Khalid Saeed Butt

Journey of the legend

Saddam Hussain

Football in Pakistan

Waiza Rafique

Rape, Law and Third Gender

Sukhan Podcast

Sukhan brings you a podcast series where we present you with thought-provoking ideas on different social and cultural issues - from protecting mental health to data protection - with leading changemakers and creators who have contributed to the country in various capacities.

The Isolation Central

Since we cannot sit still and we feel as content providers it is our responsibility to come up with content that matters and is valuable, we are announcing our online virtual show "The Isolation Central"! We will be talking to people from different fields of life about how this coronavirus is affecting the world. We will be talking to friends from different parts of the world and let us know if you want to be part of this show.

Episode | Tooba Fatima

How to protect our mental health during pandemic

Jahan Ara Chugtai

How to handle separation during pandemic

Aisam ul Haq Qureshi

Talking tennis and staying positive during pandemic

Circle of Stories - Season 1

Sukhan presents "Circle of Stories", a theme based series with every season going deep and exploring different topics with our distinguished guests. The first season focuses on the literary side.

S01 E01 | Fatima Bhutto

S01 E02 | Javed Pasha

S01 E03 | Musharraf Ali Farooqi

S01 E04 | Ibn-e-Safi (with Ahmad Safi)

S01 E05 | Salman Rashid

Sukhan Special

We bring you stories from all walks of life - from literature to events and from recitations to documentaries!

WWF Changa Manga #Vulture Centre Visit

TEDxLahore 2019 : Imagined Futures

14th August Special | Türkan Atay

Zenith Irfan | MotorcycleGirl

Sukhan Live

Sukhan organizes events where people can listen and meet the real life heroes who are changing narratives all around us!

E01 Kamil K. Mumtaz

E02 Maheen Sohail

E03 Sophiya Anjam