Pepperdine University Malibu, CA

Adjunct Instructor ( 2019 – 2020), Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions

•Taught distributions, statistical tests, hypothesis testing to undergraduate students

Pardee RAND Graduate School (RAND Corporation) Santa Monica, CA

Teaching Assistant (2019), Advanced Econometrics III

Teaching Assistant( 2016 – 2018), Empirical Analysis II

•Taught regression analysis, panel analysis, Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT), and statistical programming to PhD students Graded course assignments

Highlights of Students’ Comments from [Pepperdine Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions]

Good preparation from Syllabus to Real-World Examples

· Her syllabus clearly lays out when tests are and what topics will be taught during lessons.

· I liked how we were given examples of real world issues and how we could apply them to our field if it ever came to that situation.

· I enjoyed learning about the topic, and being exposed to real-world scenarios and computer programs (like R Studio).

· Classes are consistently structured.

· very prepared every class

Stimulating thinking and deepening comprehension by raising questions.

· Professor Park is clearly an intelligent person and incredibly knowledgeable about statistics and data. Each student has to participate and answer questions, and it is a comfortable learning environment. If you don't know the answer, you can pass on to the next person or Professor Park will try to guide you to the answer.

· Professor Park is personable, yet professional. She is able to make small jokes with students while still maintaining a professional teacher-student relationship. I

· I liked how willing to help she was outside of class. I also appreciated how she would have every student participate by either reading questions during the class, helping solve problems, etc, because participation was a big part of our grade so having ways in which she actually incorporated participation was nice.

· Everyone has a chance to participate

· The slides the professor provides and the in-class assignments allow me to go back and review whenever I need to.

Flexibility and Accessibility

· almost available every time during office hours

· I have gone to the professor's office hours and she has been helpful in answering my questions.

· Her office hours are incredible. She would devote multiple hours to teach me the material, even if I had the same question or could not understand a concept.

· Professor Park is knowledgable on the subject and is available to answer questions outside of class if a student is confused on what is happening during the class. The material itself can be confusing but she is helpful if you dedicate the time and effort into understanding it.

· Her flexibility after realizing her whole class failed her test

· She is very nice and understanding, especially during the transition to online classes.