About Me

I’m a mother of three, grandmother of five, a certified K-12 teacher with pre-school teaching experience, and a DONA International trained birth and postpartum doula who supports women in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with information, education, and womens’ wisdom. My own birthing and postpartum experiences taught me to seek out support from those who value me and my preferences. My doula training reinforced and developed these beliefs further. Now I offer support for you as you embark on your adventure into motherhood.

I help you sift through the noise to find your own voice and integrate who you are into who you are becoming so you can claim an empowered and embodied birth and postpartum experience. Working with the tools I offer, you’ll be able to start your motherhood journey grounded and connected to your heart.

Motherhood’s not an easy path, but it is possible to find a North Star to guide your way. (Spoiler alert: it’s you!) Ultimately, I'm here for you when you need someone from the village.