Lab group 2021

Principal Investigator

Subhamoy Dasgupta, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Cell Stress Biology

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

CGP L3-303 Elm and Carlton Streets

Buffalo, NY 14263

Phone: 716-845-3920

Fax: 716-845-3944

Subho received his undergraduate degree from Bangalore University and M.S. in Biochemistry from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), India. He then completed his Ph.D. from the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth in 2010, where he characterized the functions of a novel gene MIEN1 in tumor progression and metastasis. He joined the laboratory of Dr. Bert W. O'Malley at Baylor College of Medicine for his postdoctoral fellowship. He used various genetic and molecular biology approaches along with metabolomics and proteomics strategies to understand the functions of transcriptional coregulators in tumor cell adaptation, survival and distant organ metastasis. In 2017, Subho joined the faculty of Roswell Park as an Assistant Professor. He is a recipient of US Department of Defense (DoD)- Predoctoral fellowship, Susan G. Komen Postdoctoral Award, US Department of Defense (DoD)- Idea Development Award, the NCI Transition Career Development Award, Susan G. Komen Career Catalyst Research Award, Outstanding Early Investigator Award from Endocrine Society, and NIH Director's New Innovator Award.

Research Associate

Eriko Katsuta

MD PhD, Miyazaki University, Japan.

Eriko received MD degree from Miyazaki University School of Medicine, Japan, and PhD from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan. After working as a surgeon for 10 years, Eriko shifted her focus towards translational cancer research. She is interested in identifying novel mechanisms that crosstalk between transcription and metabolism leading to immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Poonam Kalhotra

PhD, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico.

Poonam received her Ph.D. in Biotechnology with Honors in 2020, working to identify new and existing FDA approved drugs for cancer therapy. She also contributed to the development of new combinatorial therapies and nanomedicine for patients undergoing chronic diseases. Poonam joined Dasgupta Lab in 2021, and her research focuses on identifying mechanisms that promote the development of aggressive metastatic cancer.

Graduate Students

Abhisha Sawant Dessai (PhD Candidate, Cancer Genetics)

BS, Asian University for Women, Bangladesh

After completing her bachelors degree in Biology, Abhisha joined Roswell Park Cancer Genetics PhD program in 2017. She joined Dasgupta Lab in 2018, and currently exploring the crosstalk between cellular metabolism and chromatin structure; and how it impacts cancer progression. Outside the lab, Abhisha enjoys reading books, hiking, and snowboarding (new adventure).

Tao Dai (PhD Candidate, Tumor Immunology)

BS, Fudan University, China

Tao completed his undergraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Fudan University and joined Tumor Immunology PhD Program at Roswell Park in 2018. In Dasgupta Lab, he is currently interested in understanding how tumor intrinsic metabolism compromises the anti-tumor immune response and ultimately leads to breast cancer metastasis. In 2021, Tao received predoctoral fellowship from Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester. Tao is Christian’s coke-buddy, but he prefers original taste coke.

Christian Prechtl (MD-PhD Program, University at Buffalo)

BS, Case Western Reserve University, OH.

Christian is a MD-PhD candidate at University at Buffalo, and a Buffalonian born and raised. He has a deep interest in cellular metabolism and its molecular underpinnings. Outside of academic endeavors, Christian enjoys golf, playing music, vanilla Coke, and the occasional Moscow Mule and claims he is rated 5 stars by his mother.

Research Assistant

Aaron Novickis

MS, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY.

Aaron completed his undergraduate degree in Biotechnology from the University at Buffalo in 2017. After, he completed M.S. in Biotechnology with a focus in Biochemistry and Separation Sciences at the University at Buffalo in 2019. Since 2020, he has been involved with the Dasgupta lab being involved in multiple projects such as understanding of cancer metastasis, investigation drug screenings, and most recently enzyme kinetics. Outside of the lab, Aaron enjoys rock climbing, the drinking of real sugar pepsi (not coke), biking long distances, petting dogs, and giving clementines (Klem - Uhn - Tyn) to Tao.

Research Intern

Emily Paterson

BS, Rider University, NJ

Emily completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Rider University in 2021. Since graduating, she has joined the lab to gain a wide range of skills and is focusing on metabolic signaling pathways. She plans on starting a PhD track in the fall of 2022. Outside of the lab she enjoys hiking, coaching soccer, and spending time with friends and family (especially her dog, Pepper!)

Undergraduate Students

Nadya Elhalawany

BS in Biological Sciences- Student, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY.

Nadya is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in biological sciences at UB. She joined the lab in 2018, and has been focusing on cellular metabolism. Outside of the lab she enjoys going to the movies with her family and friends, going to community events, and going for walks outside.