Two Witches, One Cauldron...

I was never big on horror comics growing up. I never liked to be scared. I was the kid who wouldn't go out on Halloween even with the promise of all that candy...

Then I found out that temptress from Drakulon, Vampirella, shared a birthday, or at least a birth month, with me. Seems her first issue hit the stands the same month I emerged into the world.

Curious, I started digging into her old back issues from Warren Publishing, and discovered two things:

1) I'm actually okay with horror comics.
2) I've been missing out on great stories and artwork for quite some time.

T'Witch, then, is my love letter to all those great magazines of yesteryear, and an opportunity to share some spooky short stories of my own. It's a magazine-sized tome done on aged newsprint to give it at least the look and feel of a book you'd find in a back issue bin somewhere.

I don't want you to stick this thing on a board and put it in a plastic bag. I want you to read it. On the toilet. In bed. Wherever you read your funnybooks.

Hannah and Jana are two witches (T'Witch) who live in a haunted house, where they're forced to tell the ghosts who live there - that'd be you, the reader - short stories so they can do things like get changed, go to the bathroom, etc.

It's an opportunity for me to get out some of the short stories I have in me, draw a couple witches, throw in some humor, and see just how far I can take it. Issue two is already in the works, so that should give you some indication of how far that actually is...

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