A webcomic I did from around 2010-2014 or so that covered the exploits of an eight-year old girl who'd come across a mythical helmet that caused her soul to get possessed by an ancient Nordic warrior. It was a fun way to not only build my artistic chops up, but learn to tell a four-panel gag...over and over...every week. Try it sometime. You'll gain a lot more respect for those people who do it daily and manage to make it look easy. 


The first book I ever did where I covered art and writing and lettering...pretty much everything. I loved working on it, but the lesson here was that no matter how much you love your project, you still need an audience, and this one just never resonated outside of a few people (who I'm indebted to). I may revisit it someday, as it deserves to at least get finished. 

I billed it as "A Love Story for a Supervillain" and at the time that was a pretty unique idea...again, at the time. Lady Draca Infernia is one of the best characters I've ever dreamed up, even to this day, and like I said...her story shouldn't end the way it did...

...to be continued, in other words.


Another labor of love that I should really revisit someday. They say you'll do about ten or so bad comics (or songs, or poems, or books...you get the idea) en route to that eleventh "good" work. I'm not sure what number this one was...definitely somewhere in that first ten, though. 

I took the old Greek idea where the hero boasts of not needing the Gods, and the Gods of course taking umbrage to that and giving him a bit of comeuppance. In this case, they make him unkillable. Not unHARMable, mind you. I like this one because I really took my time on it and did a lot of world-building. The artwork was a definite step up from what I was doing on Dedlock. 


The first comic I ever made a nickel selling. Me on writing chores. The talented Stephen Reid on art chores. We worked together for an educational design company and created this fun superhero parody in our spare time. Originally designed as a six-page gag, we ended up asking ourselves "What Happens Next" and took it to about ten issues before calling it quits.

UPDATE: Stephen and I are working to get those last two issues complete and bring this baby home! Watch this space! 

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