Search Plans

"No matter where the search is conducted, finding clear evidence of Stuart Town's location will be a long shot"

says Dr. Chester DePratter, "however we will discover... Old Beaufort at least, and Stuarts Town at best!"

A week of field work began August 8, 2022. A possible follow-up week may be held later in 2022 (see FAQ for more details). Finally, a free public symposium, held locally, is being planned for February 4, 2023 - with results and future plans disclosed.

The search area, in what is now known as The Point neighborhood, is bounded on the west by Carteret St. and on the north by Prince St. This area was chosen based on a close reading of the available documents, a map showing this area as a possible location, and the absence to date of evidence at Spanish Point or any other location.

Testing was conducted by a crew of professional archaeologists excavating shovel tests (~1 ft. x 2 ft., depth to subsoil) in yards and available public spaces. Within the search area over 30 property owners gave permission to look in their yards, as well the City of Beaufort to dig in the search area's 4 City Parks (Stephen Elliot, Morrall, Harvey, and Knott), and the Beaufort County Open Land Trust to search on The Green. In advance of any excavation, DigSave (SC-811) marked the utility lines to be avoided.

Map of Beaufort showing the excavation area