The Search For Stuarts Town:

A Scottish settlement in the South Carolina Lowcountry

An Archeological Mystery

Where was Stuarts Town? There are no detailed maps showing the exact location of this lost 17th Century Scottish Colony, and the documents describing it are vague and difficult to interpret. Some historians have placed Stuarts Town in Beaufort's Spanish Point neighborhood, but no remnant of the settlement has been found there.

In August of 2022, our research team conducted a search for the settlement in the area of Beaufort South Carolina's historic downtown known as The Point. This search area is based on a close reading of the available documents, 17th century maps, and the absence of evidence from any other location.

The search for Stuarts Town starts here!

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The seal of Stuarts Town founder Henry Erskine, 3rd Lord Cardross

From the Collections of The Charleston Library Society