Soup and Salad Bowl Set

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Plate Dimensions are: 6.75" sq Bowl Dimensions are 6.75" X 1.5" deep

Sunflower Yellow with Caribbean Blue, Light Cyan Blue Rods

Steel Blue with Clear Rods

Light Cyan with Red Reactive Rods

The pieces here in my Gallery are samplings of my work. If you see a piece you like, such as a platter, but prefer it in a color that you see in my coasters, for example, that can be done. Contact me to tell me your preferences and we can take it from there!

Also, if you would like me to “recreate” a piece you see here, know that it will not be absolutely identical. Every piece is handmade. Therefore, while you will get a piece as close to the photo as possible, know that your piece will be unique!

Note: My glass pieces are NOT microwaveable. The uneven heat can cause thermal shock and possible breakage. Also, they can be put in the dishwasher but I do not recommend this as, over time, the surface may become clouded and lose their beauty.