About Susan

Susan Berger

Strong Heart Glass

Susan at work

Strong Heart Glass has been around since 2016. It began as a lark when Susan was on the verge of becoming an empty-nester and looking to go outside her comfort zone by learning industrial arts. Though she experimented with welding, blacksmithing, and glass blowing, it was glass flameworking that quickly became her passion. It was a new and delightful sensation to become familiar with the intense heat of the oxygen/propane torch and the ability to manipulate solid glass into liquid and then back again. This led to marbles, flowers, hearts, birds, and a very little mouse that was a happy mishap on its way to an attempted elephant. Shortly thereafter, Susan began experimenting with glass fusing, the technique of cutting sheets of glass into shapes and kiln-firing them to meld the colors together into smooth designs and patterns.

In 2017, after a series of unexpected life challenges, Susan’s work became more grounded and focused as she used her craft to express her internal chaos. The result was a move towards expression and cathartic endeavor. Her glass work became a spiritual space, giving her purpose and centering. While most of what Susan creates are usable pieces, those pieces are also an expression of color and mood, disorder and stability.

What Susan finds most moving about working with glass is that it is a process from which she is continually learning - about the properties of her chosen medium, how colors work together or not, how heat affects the end colors, that the glass instructs her as to what it will be, as if it has its own mind. Each piece is a unique adventure because of this. No two will ever be the same.

She hopes that you will enjoy looking at her work in the gallery on this website. Anything you see can be made to your specifications, in color and possibly in size. Note that the colors as shown will vary somewhat in person.