About the Alexander Technique

What is the Technique?

Have you ever felt a twinge in your back, neck, or shoulder?

Maybe you have a tight hip or an unstable knee?

Perhaps you have poor posture?

These are signs that your body is out of alignment. So how do you re-establish proper, healthy alignment?

You have an innate mechanism for that: a reflex that organizes your head, neck, and back so that your whole body performs effortlessly and efficiently. You need only stay out of its way; the Alexander Technique teaches you how.

The Alexander Technique is a system of (five) principles that describes how to consciously allow your body to realign itself.

When you use the Technique, you restore your body's innate internal organization and undercut harmful habits such as slouching, hunching, and clenching. You also enjoy better balance, coordination, and overall health and well-being.

The Alexander Technique is a form of preventive health education that empowers you to take charge of your health and well-being at any age, for any stage of your life.

As with all fields of education, the Technique rewards you in proportion to your perseverance in learning and applying it, and the knowledge and understanding you develop is forever your own.

How can the Technique benefit me?

There are many great reasons to learn the Alexander Technique.

Here are some common ones:

1. Prevention or alleviation of health problems including:

  • back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • headaches, tension, stress, and fatigue
  • joint pain and TMJ syndrome
  • poor posture and faulty body alignment
  • voice, breathing, sleep, and digestive disorders.

2. Improved balance, strength, mobility, and endurance for hobbies and everyday activities such as:

  • cooking, crafts, and carpentry
  • standing, walking, and climbing stairs
  • texting, typing, and tea ceremony
  • carrying backpacks, laundry, and children
  • gardening, shoveling snow, and yardwork
  • birdwatching, fishing, gongoozling, and yoga
  • hiking, bike touring, and traveling.

3. Elevated performance in physically and technically demanding pursuits such as sports, music, dance and theater.

The Alexander Technique helps you alleviate habits that interfere with the efficient, effortless, and optimal functioning of your whole self, thus bringing you closer to expressing your full artistic or athletic potential.

4. You'll gain foundational knowledge about your body and improve its functioning.

Maybe you're curious about how human bodies work—or ought to work. Maybe you like the idea of improving your use and making the most of what you've got. Maybe you're just plain curious about the Technique and want to experience it for yourself.

5. Last but not least, my students occasionally have fun during their lessons with me!

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