About Elaine

Hi there!

I trained at the Alexander Technique Training Center (ATTC) in Newton, MA, with Ruth Kilroy and Rivka Cohen. I completed this three-year, full-time, AmSAT-approved teacher training program in 2009. (AmSAT is the American Society for the Alexander Technique.)

I'm friendly, patient, and perceptive. I care that my students deepen their understanding of the technique with every lesson and become steadily more adept at applying it in their everyday lives. To best help them reach these goals, I carefully customize each lesson for each individual student.

My teaching is informed by my 1600 hours of rigorous training and my continuing professional education, as well as by my personal experience with injuries and tension. I love that I can frequently use insights gleaned from overcoming my own health problems to help my students restore their well-being so they can do the things they love—more fully, and without pain.

I am a proud proponent of environmentally gentle transportation options and enjoy enabling people to lead more healthful, less car-dependent lifestyles through my work as an Alexander Technique teacher.

As a longtime supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community, I am dedicated to providing a comfortable, accepting atmosphere in all of my lessons. It goes without saying that my teaching studio has a gender-neutral restroom.

Elaine@StrengthAndPoise.com | (617) 299-0036 | Watertown, MA 02472

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