Stourbridge Model Boat Club

News: Monthly meetings will now be held at the Norton Community Centre, Heath Farm Road, Stourbridge, DY8 3AZ on the 3rd Wednesday evening of the month, at 8pm

The Club was founded in 2000 and is a small, friendly Model Boat Club and has over 30 members with a wide range of interests, abilities and skills. We build, convert, buy and sail radio controlled model boats of every description including sailing yachts, tugs, launches, warships, lifeboats, submarines and many more.

The club exists to promote the building and sailing of radio controlled model boats of every description by all ages and genders. Help and guidance is always available to members that require it.

New members can be assured of a warm welcome, whether novices or highly skilled in model making.

We Offer:

Use of the lake in Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge, West Midlands, including Membership of the MPBA as the Club is Affiliated to them; Stourbridge Model Boat Club and MPBA membership cards. For Insurance reasons only Boat Club Members may use these waters; Organised and informal trips to Model Events, Factory Visits, Trade Fairs and attendance at Charitable events; Advice and help with your Model Boat Construction and Operation.


For environmental and safety reasons the sailing of: 

Internal combustion powered or Fast electric models are forbidden on any waters used by the club.

A maximum speed of 12 mph is in force and all members must comply with this rule.

All members sailing must give due consideration to wildlife and the environment at all times.

Members must ensure that their radio frequency does not conflict with other members whilst at the water side (Note: most modern 2.4ghz radios don't have this problem)

If using an older, analogue radio then a peg board must be used and the relevant peg clipped to the transmitter's aerial.

Club members are to adhere to these conditions at all times

More information:

Contact the Secretary, Eric Morse-Brown on 01384 685077