Restaurant Music Service

Restaurant Music Service

StoreStreams is your number one choice for restaurant music at your business.

Are you looking for a restaurant music service that has experience in everything from fine dining to themed restaurants? More specifically, are you seeking a leading restaurant music service? StoreStreams has the best restaurant music solution, as it is designed to fit your needs. With the ability to customize your music and tailor it to your patrons, we deliver a refreshing approach to the 50 stations fit all approach.

Music for restaurants is a pretty broad net. However, of those 50 channels, how many actually fit your audience? Maybe 2 or 3. What if you could have a few blended channels that exactly fit your audience? Consider, there are all types of foods and even sub-categories within those. Consider pizza… an upscale pizzeria may want Italian music in the background with a little Rat Pack mixed in… A pizza place that is also a bar may want classic rock with some 80’s and upbeat country. An urban pizza place may want hip hop or Top 40 + 80s. A college one may want alternative rock or local bands… Now, consider several of these may change clientele through the day and want different music… Why would you want a list of 50 pre-programmed channels designed for someone else? Shouldn’t your Restaurant Music Service be tailored around you? StoreStreams thinks so.

StoreStreams delivers the best music service for restaurants at the best price. With our solution, you will receive the ability to help us create the exact mix of music you want played and at what times of day. In fact, you even have the ability to control other content in our restaurant music service! What if you could advertise happy hour specials or special events… like a Mother’s Day Brunch? You do not have to, but you can. StoreStreams delivers all the power you need to engage your customers and make them feel comfortable and relaxed while setting the perfect vibe for your establishment via our background music service for restaurants.

Here is some additional information on choosing the best music for restaurants that might fit your business.

StoreStreams restaurant music service offers

– A Robust Music Catalog & The Best Music For Restaurants

– New Hit Music Added Weekly

– Scheduling and Day Parting

– Customized Music Channels

– Personalized Commercials and Messaging

– Integrated Playback Solution “Web or Hardware”

– 100% Worry Free With All Royalties and Licensing Fees Included

– Easy Streaming Hardware Solutions: Including PC, Tablet, Smart Phone and Internet Radio

– A Restaurant Music Service That Is Scalable To Any Size Business

– Simple Pricing – Restaurant Music Service plans starting at $20.00 a month

StoreStreams is a fully licensed restaurant music service provider in the United States and in Canada. The StoreStreams restaurant music service is only available for commercial use.

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