Stoney Allotments Purton

Allotments basic detail

Plots on the site vary in size and rental.

Established plots, vary in rental from £25 to £35 / year according to their size.

Allotments require commitment throughout the year but especially in the growing season.

The main "growing" season runs from April to September. During this time a full size plot can take up to 8 hours a week to sow, weed, water, and pick crops

Current allotment agreement - download Allotments agreement.doc

Starting an Allotment advice by the RHS -

Following application your name will be on the allotment waIting list and viewable below

Current waiting List 06/09/2020

Amy kearsey

Gary Carey

Marek Czarnek

Claire steele

Anne Barnett

Shaan Gill

Nathan Coles

Harry Joslyn

Lesley Foley

Michelle Else

Faith Winton

Richard Sawyer

James Thompson

Michelle Blow

Karolina Przenioslo

Prudence Foley

Elena Anca

Vikki Parker

Emily Morris

Fran Gibbons

Kieran Lansdown

Laura Keye

Marina Newby

Navdeep Singh

Jeffrey Michael Ricks

Mariusz Chomenko