STL Chamber Soloists

Friday April 19, 2024

Private Concert

Artists' Guild


To create compelling, multi-genre programming, collaborations, and educational opportunities that engage and empower musicians, artists, and audiences.


A chamber orchestra where leadership is valued from each individual. Our goal is to function without a conductor, creating a musical democracy and an experiment in collaboration. Each musician is a leader and contributor; to play, plan, and promote our music as a collective. 

Who are the STL Chamber Soloists?

The STL Chamber Soloists are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of St. Louis musicians. The STL Chamber Soloists perform throughout the region, playing genres from the Renaissance and Baroque, to Hard Rock, Jazz, and contemporary.

What is different about the STL Chamber Soloists?

Not only do the STL Chamber Soloists perform world-class, high-quality music, they also employ freelance musicians throughout the St. Louis community, bringing local musicians to local audiences.

Where do the STL Chamber Soloists perform?

The STL Chamber Soloists have individually performed in every venue you can imagine in St. Louis! No space will surprise us, so if you have a place, get in touch! We can't wait to hear from you.

Why is the St. Louis community excited about the STL Chamber Soloists?

The STL Chamber Soloists are here with a love of music, education, and community. They take requests, play in venues from the traditional to the extremely unusual, and involve their audiences in a new musical experience. Enjoy world-class musicians on your doorstep.

When can I see the STL Chamber Soloists?

The STL Chamber Soloists are looking for their next concert venue! Do you have a space? CONTACT US!