Formed by members of the St. Louis community, Holly, Amy, and Ranya bring together musical experiences from around the world. The STL Chamber Soloists perform music without a conductor, and work collectively and democratically. This often lends itself to dynamic and innovative interpretations of music old and new.

The STL Chamber Soloists' founding members have individual and unique musical experiences that have taken them across the world from the USA to South America, Europe, and Asia. The depth of understanding gained by living and working in a different culture, and in a different language, is evident in the performances of the STL Chamber Soloists. Their Beethoven has sampled ale in Bonn. Their Piazzolla has danced in the streets of Buenos Aires. And their Walton has climbed the rolling hills of England.

But most importantly to the STL Chamber Soloists is the sense of community, and inclusivity. The STL Chamber Soloists employ excellent, local musicians, and compensate them at a rate equal to their decades of training. As a result, performances are polished and entertaining.