Volunteer or Visit


There are many ways to help keep the mission of the St. Francis Catholic Worker alive. A bounty of awesome people in Columbia are already helping in whatever ways they can. Their contributions allow us to feed and shelter more people than we could alone. One can share their time with us in any of the following ways or more!

  • Serving meals (at St. Francis House or Loaves and Fishes)
  • Cooking meals (at St. Francis House or Loaves and Fishes)
  • Home Improvement Projects (St. Francis House and Lois Bryant House)
  • Host a Discussion (St. Francis House)
  • Give us a call and ask!


If you are curious about our community or want to know more about Catholic Workers in general, please stop by. All are welcome. We have community meetings open to anyone on Thursdays at 8PM. These take the form of mass of various denominations, facilitated discussions, documentaries, or whatever we feel like. But sometimes we cancel or don't have something planned. So please call in advance!