Incandescent is a fast paced action arcade game that scales the difficulty to your skill level. The goal is simple, pilot your ship and defend yourself against waves of unique enemies and bosses. Different powerups will drop to help you with upgrades to your weapons and health.

Incandescent is available on Steam here:

Incandescent was programmed in C# using XNA. It was originally created for the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace that allowed smaller game developers to create games for the Xbox 360 and sell them. Since that program was shutdown I ported the game to use Monogame which is an open source implementation of XNA as Microsoft had stopped supporting it. I added mouse and keyboard controls to the game and got it onto Steam through the Steam Greenlight program. Since being released on Steam in June 2015 it has sold over 40,000 copies and gathered me some constructive and not so constructive reviews of the game.