Photoshop tutorial

Step by step tutorial

Step 1

Open your image in Adobe Photoshop and make sure it is on a separate layer. You can easily achieve this by duplicating layer. Right-click on your image in Layers window and press Duplicate Layer.

Step 2

From the menu select: Image > Adjustments > Posterize

Step 3

Adjust Level of posterize effect somewhere between 2-5, in this tutorial I chose 4.

Step 4

Next we are going to adjust threshold. From the menu follow this patch: Image > Adjustments > Threshold

Step 5

Pick a Threshold level which preserves most detail.

Step 6

If needed use Eraser tool to get rid of the noise in the background.

Step 7

Now you need to save your image as JPEG file. File > Save as. From Format selection choose JPEG, and press Save.

Done! You are ready to print your stencil.