Joining the Steel City Ghostbusters

If you are seeking to join our group, first please click the button below to review our bylaws before proceeding to the membership application form.

Once you have read the bylaws, fill out the form below. The form will ask questions based upon the basic requirements for new members. All questions should be answered honestly, answering with false information could negatively impact your membership chances to the group. 

During the month of October we do not accept any new members.

The Child Protective Services Law

Under PA law, certain individuals must obtain clearances in order to be a volunteer that is in direct contact with children. Since we do work with children regularly at events we require all members to obtain a series of clearances in accordances with the CPSL. The required clearances may include:

For more information about the CPSL please click here. 

For more information about the CPSL and how it applies to volunteers such as ourselves, click here. 

To obtain clearances for membership use the buttons below.