Welcome to Starlight Within!

It is a spiritual healing service powered by us: Razhiel and her spiritual committee. Here, we aim to help people achieve their well being and thus bring a positive change to our world. We are particularly interested in handling uncommon issues with combinations of various healing techniques.

About Razhiel

Razhiel is a blooming spiritual healer with exceptional experience on spiritual healing, cleansing, and energy harnessing and directing. Her spiritual journey kick-started in 2012 with the training on Spiritual Response Therapy. Since then, she gradually discovered and accumulated various skills alone the adventure through learning from and being inspired by others and channelling. Her abilities include removal of energetic blocks, programs and discordant energies, cleansing objects and environments, sealing openings on people and environments, recharging people and items with positive energies. Her usual tools are Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), her connection to the cosmic energies, and the Korktic symbols, a set of 24 energy symbols channelled by them. Besides these tools, she would occasionally ask for guidance and information through the use of message cards, runes and oghams, and meditation. She is happy for the service she is providing to help people and the Mother Earth.

What we can do, including but not limited to:

> Spiritual Response Therapy

> Energy pulling, grounding, sealing energetic openings on bodies and auras

> Energetic house cleansing

> Remote object energy cleansing

> Crystal cleansing and resetting

For more details, please go to the Service page

Other work

If you would like to learn more about our work, we have a Tumblr website (theearthforce.tumblr.com) that contains messages Razhiel has channelled and some useful information she has come across, or go to the "Other work" section of this website to learn about her energy symbol channelling work: Korktic Symbols.


Emails: info@starlightwithin.com, or korktic@gmail.com (alias, either address will go to the same mail box)